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   Now many villas which are equipped with central water purification system, to ensure that people can live in the villa inside drink safe drinking water, water purification system, then what brand of good? The following Xiaobian to introduce some of the villas central water purification system brand it.




central water purification system to effectively eliminate chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, algae and suspended solids, was further treated with activated carbon to remove various organic material, so that the water is bright, clean, Halogen-free, can be directly consumed, it is necessary to install a central home water purification system? If the economy allows it to install on affirmative action are obvious, so the family can drink clean water, especially those who live in the villa of people should install some big brands of central water purification system, the central water purification system brands villa what does?


1, Amy special water purification system. Amy is especially well-known German brands of water purification systems, is also one of the first to build brand water purification system in the world, mainly for people to improve water quality and help water purification. Amy special water purification system using a reverse osmosis membrane technology to the water of bacteria, viruses are effectively removed, so that more clean water.


2, Pentair water purification system. Water purification effect Pentair water purification system is a global leading position, with advanced activated carbon filter, high purity processing system KDF these two technologies, water quality can be bacteria, harmful substances can be effectively removed to ensure that a It will be able to drink the water.


3, US water purification system. The United States also have to produce high-quality water purification equipment, in addition to the central water purification system, as well as tap water purification machines, including kitchen water purifier, large-scale water purification equipment, central water purification machines, business machine, drink straight, pipeline machines Water purification equipment.


4, A.O. Smith. Smith products use water purification system is the most advanced water purification equipment, water quality for various countries in the region and developed different series of water purification systems products to ensure its water purification effect, bring the highest quality of water for the people around of India. Currently Smith water purification systems have been installed in a number of domestic homes, offices and so on local places.


In addition, the central home water purification systems as well as brand sage Nepal, Paragon, Honeywell, Gree, EcoWater, liters of these big brands, these brands are relatively good water purification effect , clean water at the industryThere is also good reason fame, the time of purchase can also choose these brands.


Central home water purification system Price: $ 1,680, $ 9,570 yuan, 6799 yuan, 5799 yuan, 7999 yuan, 7699 yuan price, etc., may be selected according to the individual needs of different price central home water purification systems, Buy central to home water purification system at reasonable prices.


These are small as we sort of home central water purification system rankings, many of which are foreign brands, the price difference is very big in these rankings, so consumers can according to individual needs to select different price brands of home central water purification system, buy the right home central water purification system, in this small series to remind everyone except buy some water purification equipment, but still have to have some knowledge of small household drinking water, in order to better so that their families access to safe drinking water.




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