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   the mobile Internet era, the Internet thinking become a topic of hot debate all walks of life, more and more and more companies realize the transformation is to change the thinking of the Internet. At present, my country is in a transition phase derivative, at the same time, many companies began to get involved in micro-purifier business to seek development, at this point, do water purifier derivative understand the Internet thinking, is particularly important.




water purifier companies involved in derivative do not understand the point of thinking how the Internet line

   product to achieve the ultimate

   Internet into a product age of information overload, such as a customer landed on the Internet, the product will face a sea of 鈥嬧€媔nformation, in theory, he can select all products in the world. Water purifier enterprises to enter the derivative channel will strive to do our best, only to become NO.1, give yourself marked the first label to emerge in this era of excess goods in the ocean of information, otherwise you will be flooded . Water purification product features do not do more, to do new and stronger, to achieve the ultimate purification, to make the product a firm foothold in the field of micro business.

   Cock Sisi Wei and simple thinking

   The Long Tail has become important in the field of micro-business, the number of users is more important than the users spending power, water purifier derivative seize massive Cock Crosby a small elite to seize important. In the Internet in mind, instead of selling a product to a 1000 dollars elite, it is better to sell 10,000 a dollar of product to 10000 Cock wire.

   minimalist art schools to promote "less is more." This concept design, architecture and other fields widely used. The Internet has made mankind is faced with information overload, information redundancy plight, if a product feature simple, simple design allows users to select from a tangle. Simple show personality, which means convenient, iphone reason for such a success, and a big reason is that minimalist design. This water purifier companies must pay attention!

   emphasis on user participation user experience first

   in the Internet age, the companys management boundary is broken, the user becomes a staff. Business intelligence resources not only from the staff, but also from the user, the user involved in product design and launch, will make innovative products, more in line with user needs. Into the micro-channels of water purification products business is to make the user more deeply involved in product design, research and development, to productionThe whole process, the user becomes a collaborative producer.

   designed to be user-friendly product, to stand in the users point of view the problem, to create a good experience for the user is to enter the inner world of empathy. The user experience is a purely subjective experience, is a comprehensive experience in the whole process of the formation of user contact with the product or service. Good user experience must be detail-oriented, and runs through every detail, such details must allow users to perceive, and this perception to exceed user expectations, giving users a surprise.

   learn to the center of

   The Internet is a network that emphasizes multipoint, multipoint instead, this idea reflected in the product, is to go to the center of the design, micro-channel group is decentralized design of the product, it does not have big V role microblogging, everyone on the micro-channel circle of friends is equal speaking, there is no one speech center. To the center of product design, embodies the idea of 鈥嬧€媏qual rights, so that each node on the network can contribute value for the entire network. In water purification derivative is also true, when users do not have to put your God, treat them like friends.

   As the derivative low barriers to entry, resulting in a large number of micro business and the quality varies greatly, water purifier companies involved in micro business, be sure to do your homework, the proper use of the Internet thinking, form their own brand, in order to avoid " go down the drain. "

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