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   Today, people are increasingly concerned about clean water life. What is water purification? That does not contain any harmful substances, antibiotics, chlorine, heavy metals, inorganic salts, any additives and various impurities, effectively avoiding all kinds of bacteria invade the body, the advantage is effectively securely to the body to add moisture, has a strong solubility, and therefore a strong affinity with human cells, promote the role of metabolism. Now, Xiao Bian gave some of the relevant standards and testing methods we talk about clean water.


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clean water standards What? How to conduct water quality monitoring? (Photo from Internet)

   First, the standard water purification

   1, sensory indicators

   Sensory indicators, including color, turbidity, odor , was visible. These indicators are indicators of clean water, the most basic quality control, standards set by the value of its reference to drinking water (ie, tap water) standards.

   2, physical and chemical indicators

   the more important physical and chemical indicators is the conductivity and consumption of potassium permanganate. Pure water conductivity characteristic indicators, reflect the purity of pure water quality control and production process. The pure water conductivity smaller. Consumption of potassium permanganate is the number of milligrams of oxygen 1L of water reducing substance is oxidized in a potassium permanganate consumed under certain conditions, it is mainly investigated, especially organic chloride content in water.

   3, health indicators

   Health indicators include several types of metal elements, organic compounds and microorganisms.

   4, microbial indicators

   microbial indicators provides total bacterial count, coliform, bacteria and mold in GB, the yeast 4. From the situation in recent years to see pure water testing, microbial indicators is one of the more easily exceeded targets.

   5, radioactive target

   radioactive target predetermined value only as a reference level. Radioactive indicators exceed the values 鈥嬧€媠pecified in the table below, if exceeded, radionuclide must be analyzed and evaluated in order to determine whether drinking.

   how to conduct water quality monitoring?

   water quality testing drinking water, water points should be kept in water sampling, water factory and residents. Urban centralized water supply pipe network water quality test sampling points, the general population should water every twenty thousandWho set a sampling point is calculated.

   When the water supply over one million inhabitants, calculated according to the above ratio of sampling points may be reduced proportionally. When the population is two hundred thousand or less, should increase proportionally. Should have a certain number of points in all the sampling points, the selected portion of the old location of vulnerable to pollution and pipeline systems, etc. Quality.

   each sampling point, sampling and testing of not less than twice per month, bacteriological indicators, and turbidity was visible is always checked. Other indicators can be selected according to local needs and water quality.

   According to a series of water purification standards, people may ask: Why is the water industry will continue to grow up too small series summed up the following reasons to answer this question?.

   1, the water quality of our drinking water is worrying, water scarcity, water pollution is worsening, a series of secondary water pollution and other problems, resulting in water purification imminent.

   2, technological innovation, such as water purifier for water seepage, leakage lesions, quick connector to locking joints and other innovative technologies, provide a broader space for development for businesses.

   3, the inevitable requirement of modern pursuit of high quality of life. In raising public awareness, full use of resources, the terminal drinking water straight into the real estate construction.

   4, the degree of public concern and awareness rising in recent years, benefiting consumers through water purification and water purification products feel to be the best publicity.

   With the concept of healthy drinking water is growing in popularity, water treatment equipment gradually into millions of households, especially for the current owners of the newly renovated house, home water purifiers basically become the standard configuration. Also note that the consumer is best to choose their own water treatment equipment based on water quality Oh!

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