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   as peoples health awareness to strengthen the drinking water, domestic and foreign businesses eager to enter the water appliance industry. It is understood that water into the home appliances including straight drinking fountains, water purification, sewage treatment equipment, ultrafiltration machine, soft water equipment, water equipment, such as a wide variety of products, despite the endless water appliances, water supply pipeline system It has also been home, but in China, the penetration rate of home water purifier only 1.7%, while in Western countries, water penetration rate has reached 70% -80%. For water purifier filter long-term use can cause secondary pollution should be how to deal with it? Industry experts on this issue to make the relevant instructions and analysis.




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   drinking water several major problems

   It follows the most prevalent thousands of years, the most traditional the way water is used as the representative of the boiler kettles boil water. However, pollution problems so that simple boiled tap water can not be solved other problems exist. Professor Li Fuxing Chief of Health drinking water Professional Committee of the Medical Foundation China, currently the major pollution problems and the performance of Chinas tap water is as follows:

   parts of water high in itself hardness, mainly calcium and magnesium ions, carbonate and other issues thereby easily produce scale gallstones and kidney stones; heavy metals as aluminum, copper, lead, zinc, organic materials such as pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, as well as bacteria and other harmful impurity contamination;

   in tap water processing plant, the residual chlorine pollution, commonly known as bleach smell; after pre-qualified water reservoir after many years have not modified pipe network and some of the cells, was again rust, dust contaminated. Therefore, the water to achieve health and safety standards for drinking water, preferably by purification, including softening, disinfection, removal of harmful impurities such as bleaching powder, heavy metals, organic compounds and the like.

   water purifier filter long-term use can cause secondary pollution

   were a lot of decoration for water purification products do not understand that it and other household appliances, as chosen to focus full-time release on the product. In fact, water purification products and various household appliances, it later put into use every year also need to replace the filter, water quality testing and other services to ensure the continued safe and effective water purification work, which inevitably need to be in place in time service Guarantee.

   According to expert analysis, although the countryThe Ministry of Health has in terms of issuing strict management of water treatment products production, but after certification, circulating in the market, but the lack of product sampling aspects. According to reports, the current state of production of water purification equipment products is still no uniform standard, the state only have uniform standards for drinking water quality, but as far as water purification equipment itself was not standardized.

   can see a variety of small water processor on the market, some products also claim that you can play against even the treatment of diabetes, high blood pressure and other effects. In this regard, experts have warned that North Yang, Do not believe the hype of these products. Although small water treatment equipment water treatment functions, but there is no health function. The Ministry of Health has long banned the efficacy of propaganda wading products, but also never feed water mineralization, ion water machine and other products sent a document. And long-term use water purifier filter can cause secondary pollution, so the water purifier to clean or replace the filter in time after a period of time.

   water purification products is not a one-time consumption, it requires regular replacement of filter media and other services to ensure decades of operation. So in the choice of service providers must pay attention to the companys qualifications and strength, so as not to inadvertently chose not formal, or at any time "disappeared" in small companies, want to change media or future repairs and maintenance Shique not find to the service provider.

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