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  Today, the water purification industry is not yet mature stage brand, coupled with some well-known brands are of the moment, many small and medium enterprises water purifier for the future development there is a great pressure to survive, the market is always strong survive, small enterprises such as water purifiers can not break through the bottleneck, we will always face a crisis of survival. 鍑€姘村櫒浼佷笟闀挎湡鍙戝睍椤绘湁闀胯繙钀ラ攢

   of small and medium enterprises difficult to have a water purifier long-term development goals

   At present, many domestic Japanese small businesses are family businesses, or co-founded several friends, so that small businesses since the founding of the , founder affected is very large, the strategic direction of the small business is basically determined by the general manager of small business. The focus of the problem is that many of the founders at the time of the creation of enterprises, and have not seriously thought about the future of business, mostly just consider the immediate do not make money.

   rapid changes in the market, if not capable of long-term plans, sooner or later will be out of the market. Foreign mechanism for small businesses to absorb water purifier venture capital is very sound, but the venture capital firms are willing to invest, you need to look at small business owners planning to respect water purifier business objectives, strategic vision and resources to achieve the conditions of only these plans fit the requirements of a bigger company, they may have "donate."

   Therefore, in order to get small businesses to expand the scale, some business owners need to clear their business goals, in-depth analysis of their own position in an industry, and how to ensure the future operation of the water purifier business for a long time this is not just to win the competition guarantee, but also the stability of key employees.

   of small and medium enterprises have no long-term water purifier marketing awareness

   Many people say that the bureaucracy will grow up companies, in fact, small businesses are no exception. Many deserted the family business and made enough to prove it. Then a small business there are also their own unique contradiction, just to see how the water purifier business owners balance everyones relationship. In stark contrast to the crowds of the executive branch, the small business marketing department is sparsely populated, usually small businesses for some time after the creation, business owners are marketing to do, with the business owners and the accumulation of popularity, you can get the customer and orders. With fierce competition, business owners personally on the marketing front less and less effort, can not even fully support the development of enterprises.

   However, many small businesses did not realize the importance of marketing, like said earlier, when the ratio of "official"More, but there are many small businesses and even water purifier marketing departments are not, Imagine, is a marketing genius, even if it is difficult to solve this problem of corporate marketing, do not pay attention to the marketing team, how to enterprise development?

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