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   In recent years, with the rapid economic development, increasing environmental pollution and water pollution, yellow, public events have occurred tap water smell, toxic and other equipment, water safety become vital concern.

   Reporters research found that, in addition to source water quality decline, water plant treatment process backward, a number of water units secondary water supply facilities exist and aging equipment, lack of regular cleaning of the phenomenon, the water quality of tap water in qualifying after this part of the , greatly increase the chance of contamination.

   tap the "dirty" shocking, in the form of water pollution mainly in the following three ways:

   The first is the source of pollution, garbage everywhere water sources surrounding the reservoir area, private mining indiscriminate mining, reservoir water tourism development, fish cage culture, water quality was severely stained, so that as the water continues to relax the drinking water standard;

   followed by secondary water pollution, some of the water units of aging facilities are not required regular cleaning , filth inevitable contamination of the water supply, and lead exceeded the faucet of "dirty" to be hidden;

   Finally, the technology behind the "dirty" worrisome, Chinas urban water chlorination treatment process generally adopted, However, chlorine disinfection by-product formation of some harmful polymers.

   We are well aware of the importance of safe drinking water for healthy, but worsening environmental problems, the original clean water is also contaminated, the ministry announced that China has 250 million inhabitants of the residential areas near the focus polluting industries and transportation corridors, 2.8 billion people use unsafe drinking water. These shocking data can not help but worry, nearly one-fifth of these people are using unclean water, imagine how much we drink every day down bacteria and impurities, you still do "filter" with the body?

   Source: water purification industry information

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