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NSFInternational is to provide agencies on water quality and food safety certification and testing, and World Health Organization (WHO) designated as the center of global cooperation and purifiers of drinking water safety. Today, the United States, the European Union and more countries, Australia and other countries adopted or revised NSFInternational standards as national standards.


No NSF42 standard:


Sensory effects of test


Water issues: water pollution caused by chlorine or secondary particles, directly affect the taste, odor and clarity of tap water .


No NSF42 standard: the predetermined performance requirements in terms of water purification taste, odor and the like to improve the clarity of the water.


NSF53 No. criteria:


health effects testing


water issues: the current water treatment technology will produce chloroform and other disinfection by-products, and the secondary water supply system of old old water pipes as well as lead and mercury may bring algae pollution, detrimental to health.


No NSF53 standard: the predetermined purification performance requirements of the health-related contaminants, such as disinfection by-products trichloromethane, lead, mercury, pesticides alachlor and algal toxins.


No NSF55 standard:


The UV dose tested


Water issues: secondary pollution due to the water pipe network, the pipe network or a chlorine concentration of non-compliance are easy to tip resulting in water contamination of microorganisms such as bacteria or viruses.


No NSF55 standard: Standard UV water purifier will be divided into categories A and B two types of systems, where class A for processing water contaminated bacteria, viruses, protozoa and other microorganisms, the UV dose required reach 40mJ / cm2; class B is used to supplement these sterilize the water and other municipal water has been treated, the UV dose required to achieve 16mJ / cm2.


Materials and security structures


integrity test


the NSF Material Safety Test: Test the water through the water purification process, the water within the machine in contact with the material will the release of hazardous substances into the water, pollute the water.


NSF structural integrity testing: testing whether the water purifier has a strong, rational structure designMeter, able to adapt to changing water line pressure.

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