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   When the water purification industry on track, when a variety of marketing models were tested in front of everyone now, when the state of the water purification industry management mechanism gradually improved, but you still put sales ranked first, regardless of the quality of the machine, not manage customer feedback, do not handle customer uses a series of problems encountered during, then when you throw the integrity of the country, you do not know the hardships of business brands can continue to go on. Perhaps you will trust to luck, there are not many places to sell off, for the current information age, then, do not worry about that transfer speed.



   When you go to rural and dealers to lure people with welfare, will not cause unwanted machine after being sent, but I know a lot of regions Water purifier know this marketing model, when we receive complete payment of your gifts are basically gone, you will keep those dealers slowly to appreciate to see good-looking machine.

   When you want to take advantage of the village cadres to promote this relationship, there have been a lot of name of the village and therefore suffered losses, so do not know whether the machine has come to sell, will not be because benefits are given, the machine unwanted. Everyone says rural people have heart comparisons, in fact, there are rural people love to say habit, a region taken in the surrounding area is also famous. A successful, you will probably lose the integrity of an area.

   Maybe you see here will think I can work with the property, cooperation with XX. Energy cooperation is good, there is no quality assurance, there is no after-sales service, to work several times, Chinese people is more and more to the property and other unnecessary worry. But now people are very fine, and then add the information age, the Internet can show a lot of things, everyone has the right to publish information online. When your brand of negative information on the Internet everywhere, do not you know that you are happy or sad famous really did not do more, you might say that luck can be deleted, a message should be deleted by application, or even more information and more will let you do anything.

   This is not the integrity of the water purifier brand can go far unclear, but he should know that he went to the top of the uphill time is on the decline, and if he had not realized , not to change, so the more he perish fromCome closer. Integrity are fundamental for any business, only to stand up the benefit of our customers do their own thing to go on a longer-term, but at the same time honest and do not forget innovation. Feel the fittest, not those out of what I think as a business should understand, know how to keep up with the times.

   In short, as a water purifier brand, in good faith, based up development, will not necessarily go on for a long time, but it will go further. Water purification industrys competitive era, who is the boss, but also all of its recognition.

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