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  Water purifier filter impurities in addition to what you know? Want to buy a water purifier to see here http: //www.js.hc360.com2019骞?at 09:48 on April 8 Source: one hundred No. T


   HC network in recent years, a variety of water purification water purifier gradually appear in peoples vision, the water purifier has been developed as a common household appliance family now. Buy water purifier friends will basically choose the regular manufacturers, after all, is to purify our drinking water, water purification machines will also focus on water purification and quality issues, but there are a lot of people also questioned the role of water purification machines, In addition to filtering some impurities, what other action, it has maintained a skeptical attitude did not want to buy, then today I come to you talk about water purifier knowledge, filter impurities in addition to what you know? I want to buy a water purifier to see here.

   First, the role of water purification machines

   the role of water purifier depends mainly on water purifiers, water purifiers and there are two works, one filter, and second, adsorption, how to purify the role of impurities in the water, the two works is to combine the filtration and adsorption. Some unscrupulous merchants will exaggerate the role of water purification machines, those that do not care, what are believe that the role of water purification machines is the following three points:

   1 a role in addition to impurities

   is the most important water purifier removing impurities in the water, he may be filtered water, such as rust, sand as the particulate material through the inside of the filter, so that water filtration layer becomes clean.

   2. remove chlorine odor and a

   water purifier is also an important role in the removal of residual chlorine and odor, water prior to every household would be sent to carry out a sterilization step in the water purification plant, kill it is chlorine, but chlorine to kill this procedure do not necessarily perfect, some of it will be left behind chlorine, which chlorine and odor of the water, are cleaned by adsorption on activated carbon inside the water purifier.

   3. Knockdown minimum bacteria

   This bacterium minimum interception function not every water purifier can be done, can partially water purifier, i.e. reverse osmosis water machine, it can be done only wipe out bacteria, viruses as well as heavy metal ion contamination, so the family with children may consider buying this water purifier, health and clean.

   Second, the water purifier really necessary to buy it?

   function inside the water purifier is through a filtration membrane havingSubstance sorption to depth filtration and purification, insiders said that in places with serious water pollution, environmental pollution or heavy industrial city areas, water purifier installed at home is still very necessary, although the water plant already water filter sterilized in advance, but can not guarantee the quality of his complete clearance. The small city of environmental pollution or water resources clean place that there is no need to directly burn water to drink it, buying a water purifier or depending on which place you live in which city.

   Third, the choice of method water purifier

   Because there are many types of water purifier, filter effects and their prices are not the same, the water purifier should be selected according to their own situation.

   pasteurized water purifier is an important function, all domestic water purifier allows the heating temperature reaches not more than 100 deg.] C, so to select the high-temperature sterilization function compliance.

   filter are in general water purifier has antibacterial ingredients, can effectively control the growth of bacteria in drinking water, which is a trait of the mandatory parts water purifier, the water purifier to see whether they contain bacteriostatic filter ingredient.

   above what I call the knowledge of the water purifier, reading is not that where you live is also necessary to buy a water purifier, and stressed that last point, no matter what brand you buy water purifier, replace the filter regularly have to remember!


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