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   "This is a look at the face of the world", the remark became the moment the word ridicule of many users, but also reflects the existence of a certain star attraction, it also makes a lot of water purifier companies began to join the "Star fight "ranks in the contest. It is undeniable that, for a relatively low degree of social concern water purifier industry, celebrity endorsements can seize market share in a short time to elevate the brands "visibility" and establishing a strong brand image, to help businesses .




water purifier business on "Star fight" war to see the face to look at more inherent

   why business is so pro-Lai star?

   Why water purifier companies such close friends celebrities? The reason is not difficult to find, select celebrity endorsements biggest advantage to attract public attention, under normal circumstances, there are celebrity endorsements and advertising activities have a higher degree of participation, whether it is media investment and the degree of exposure or people to meet the stars the style number will be improved. Precise star selection can add a unique temperament for the brand, thus boosting sales, profit from.

   celebrity endorsements to enhance brand image?

   Indeed, brands at the same time with the news of the star and thus expand the brand influence and visibility, on the other hand businesses will get more high-quality distribution channels as well as a more focused target consumer groups, enabling rapid expansion market, increase sales. In more serious product homogeneity, the channel edge is not completely established industry, so choose celebrity endorsements after all, a wise decision.

   to see more faces to look at the "inner"

   So, for consumers, celebrity endorsements and purchasing power it really so attractive? In fact, many now water purifier brand, price is not transparent, so that consumers really worry about is, water purifiers because companies will not make money in the celebrity endorsements of products, and this cost sharing on product prices, wool out of sheep, glances star, buy a water purifier product prices probably rose sharply, which would harm the fundamental interests of consumers. Indeed, the "star" brand will bring economic benefits and short-term exposure, but in the final analysis depends on how the product quality, service is not in place.

   even if the company can not guarantee their product quality, service and consumer satisfaction can not make it, please re big star, consumers will not buy it.

   Therefore, companies need water purifier on the basis of high-quality products and good service system of the above, then please celebrity endorsements, so that consumers can buy it, their strength will be greater improvement.

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