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   With the improvement of peoples income and the rise of the middle class, consumption upgrade has become the main driving force for development of water purification industry, corresponding to the consumer boom of the water "quality" of concern. Market watchers said the current East China, North China water purifier market share of 45%, to achieve and sustain growth in the regional scale, the water industry is imperative to upgrade the product structure; and for the rapidly growing South, Northwest regional market, but also need high-quality products and services to consolidate the market foundation.


   demand to upgrade the quality of fresh water growing louder

   water purifier appeared in public in the field of view of time is not short, consumer concerns from the beginning based water purification function extends outward in traffic, intelligent, filter management and other functions, to aspects of machine design, quality of life and after-sales service, consumers are upgrading issued a voice. In addition, consumers of water for the entire home environment has also generated a higher demand, whole house water purification needs quickly released.

   The PRC, research shows that the first quarter of 2018 water purifier market, online product upgrades occur, and therefore enhance the average price; market-dominant reverse osmosis water purifier presented on product upgrades and technical innovation deepening trend, dual water, low waste, high flow, intelligent filter management, etc body design as consumers purchase decisions.


   "product upgrades and service upgrades propped up together to upgrade the quality of clean water, thus contributing to upgrading the quality of life of consumers." Patio official said, after-sales service as a consumer experience an important part of its upgrade all the more necessary. Reservations are required after-sales, on-site service process, etc., in the meantime, any delay or do not respond in a timely manner can give users a very bad experience. How to improve service, shorten response cycle service industry has become a problem to be solved.

   based on professional-quality water purifier Patio urged to upgrade

   Patio was established in 1998, with a number of different vendors integrated appliances, Patio is a professional water purification equipment, drinking water equipment and commercial water equipment and other environmentally friendly products. Since 20 years, the Patio has also been working through technology and services leading the development of the domestic water industry and "comprehensive solution provider of drinking water" as the companys future developmentDirection, in each water purification product segments, Patio are working hard to achieve industry-leading, to create better conditions for users of drinking water.


   in the water industry to upgrade the quality big now, Patio ran in the forefront of the industry, with 20 years of professional water purification technology accumulation and strong heritage of innovation, to continue excellent products and services to consumers and create new surprises.

   In terms of products, without pushing Patio barrels product upgrades, the 2018 is the introduction of a new bucket-free high-volume series of new reverse osmosis. Patio KRL5806 to bucketless water purifier, for example, five filtration system, a large flow of 600 gallons, double outlet design, FMS filter intelligent management system, 1: 1 ratio of waste water is low, and many slim design set in a bright spot machine, can fully meet current consumer demand for water purifiers, water purification products and Patio in the camp, such a "strong" everywhere. Since


   entered 2018 in order to meet consumer demand for whole house water purification, Patio also trying to strengthen the whole house water purification, to create a perfect whole house water purification solutions, has been generally recognized by consumers.

   In addition to the product, Patio performance in service quality upgrades also worth noting. In 20 years of development history, Patio early realized the importance of after-sales service, established a service system set ahead of the industry.

   It is understood Patio has standardized CSM customer management systems and more than 100 customer service team, ready for customers to solve consulting, installation, maintenance and other issues of products, won a good reputation of the user. At the same time, Patio also has a nationwide service network, after-sales service can do the vast majority of the radiation area; and every after-sales service to provide users with installation and maintenance personnel, also went through a rigorous training and assessment to ensure that the professional services.


   times Patio is consistent insistence, in order to allow users to enjoy a more convenient service, Patio based micro-channel service number, the establishment of a new set of sale , purchase and service members serving in one of the accepted platform, which continues to optimize after-sales sector, will eventually form a closed loop key service experience.

   "In the field of water purification, upgrade the quality of the brand and the consumerThe effect of rendering those interactions. "Commented analysts," consumer demand pushed upgrade water purification products and services upgrade, upgrade the quality of clean water will also provide guarantee the quality of life of consumers, the two are complementary relationship. Patio etc. have led the pilot enterprises, the water industry will demand upgraded to meet the needs of a virtuous cycle of development. "

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