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  Water purifier it is necessary to install it? Professionals teach you so choose http: //www.js.hc360.com2019骞?at 10:25 on April 3 Source: Quick News T


   now frequent incidents of water pollution, drinking water security has become a popular heart disease, the so-called add up, water pollution health hazards brought about consequences that we often can not afford. Especially the elderly, infants and young children and other people with lowered immunity, requiring higher standards for drinking water.

   water purifier in the end it is necessary to install it?

   whether to install water purifier needs to be determined according to the water quality of different families, may be visually observed by a variety of methods and tools to identify the health of the water quality.

   observation. Glass with a glass of water then, after standing for some time, the water can be seen that if the eye is directly suspended solids or precipitate, the precipitate described excessive, not conducive to health. Boil water in the kettle bottom home often junction layer scale, the hardness of the water may be too high.

   smell. If tap water at home can smell the bleach smell, indicating that there may be excessive chlorine in water.

   The building where the cell to determine if a cell is old, old pipeline there may be corroded or accumulation of impurities, through a pipe into the water home, probably contain heavy metals, inorganic substances, suspended particles, microbes and other harmful chemicals even, can not be removed to a boil.

   Detection of Water aids on the market there are many, for example with a pH test paper PH value detected by the water quality test pen test TDS total dissolved solids (TDS), GH detecting water hardness test agent with chlorine detecting chlorine test agent component or the like, to select a different purification equipment based on the actual water quality.

   How to choose the right water purification equipment?

   We can not change the external quality of the environment, the use of equipment or can change their own environment, a combination of pre-filter, water purifier, water softeners, water and other equipment can build a simple household net water system.


   Pre-filters is a first water channel family coarse filter equipment is usually installed after the home water, filtered through a stainless steel mesh, tap water filtered the sediment, rust, large particulate matter, can not only stabilize the water pressure, but also to protect the more expensiveOther indoor wading equipment, low maintenance cost and practical, it is recommended every household must have.

   central water

   connected to the main central water prefilter rear end, functions purpose is to remove residual chlorine, colloids and other impurities contained in the tap water, through the central net water filtered water have generally been able to meet the standard of drinking water. But some brands bulky central water, which generally can not be installed in the cabinet, the mounting position needs to be reserved.

   water purification filter effect is directly dependent on the quality of the water purifier filter, a filter press can be simply divided purifier precision microfiltration, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis and other types of the RO.

   end of pure water

   The filtered water is pure water to drink directly. Using the principle of reverse osmosis water machine RO membrane, RO membrane filtration apertures is very small, only 0.0001-0.001渭m, substantially only water molecules, bacteria and viruses can be filtered out.

   Water Softener

   Most of the working principle of the water softener is food-grade exchange resin regeneration techniques, by exchange resin salt with calcium and magnesium ions, so as to achieve the purpose of descaling. It requires a special water softener salt and need to be replenished regularly. Water softeners later access between central water through a pipe to the bath, laundry and bathing, laundry water.

   How to configure depends on the water quality of your home, as well as their needs and budget, pre-filter is mandatory in every home, can effectively protect wading equipment.

   In addition, if your home is not good quality, not renovated and adequate budget, the proposed election of whole house water purification system, including automatic backwash of the pre-filter, water softener, water purifier and pure drinking straight waterplane. If your home water quality is very good, no need to install the whole system, can also be considered a pre-filter with the program ultrafiltration water purifier.


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