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  Several small coup to detect water quality, water quality is so simple to distinguish Published: at 16:25 on October 9th, 2017 Hits: 31

the water quality of the relationship with each and every family a healthy diet, water is very important. However, due to the water pollution problem is getting worse in recent years, they are increasingly worried about their own family water quality, water quality is always afraid of not reached the required standard. So how do we correct for domestic use judgment and detect it?


to see the matter


connected with higher transparency glass full glass of water, there is no water in the cup viewed in light fine suspended matter. The water was allowed to stand for several hours to see if there is sediment bottom of the cup. If so, that the water suspended impurities poisoning.


smell it


When the water receiving the tap farther away from the glass, and then taste and smell if heavy bleach. If bleach smell can be described excessive chlorine in tap water, you must use a water filter for a terminal treatment.


Change View


tea with tap water, to observe whether the black tea after overnight, if tap water is black tea iron, manganese seriously overweight, with such a quality should be used in addition iron, manganese filter for water purifier terminal processing.


taste Road


taste of water, the taste of Sese feeling whether, and if so, that the water hardness is too high, too high hardness of their influence is very bad, you say not to install a water purifier it? this situation can install RO reverse osmosis water purifier for processing, water taste better after treatment.


check container


in the inspection of food at home, when the inner wall of the kettle, if there are described scale water contains a lot of calcium and magnesium ions, to reduce the need for purification through calcium and magnesium ions, but It is noted that the high water hardness may cause diseases such as stones, softening should be used as soon as possible.


understanding of the above methods, the quality can help you know if your home is really the problem of water, but also in the very easy to use, and can understand their own water quality in order to better and faster remedy.

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