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  RO membranes are what? Water quality health depends on it! Time: 2020-03-30 15:39:15 As people continue to improve drinking water quality requirements, a variety of water purification equipment after another, into the household. Among them, water purifier RO membrane function with unique advantages, the most popular. It has potent remove impurities, odors, discolored function, water depth treatment, but also to enhance the quality of good taste, to ensure water quality health. So what is the RO membrane it? RO Reverse Osmosis is the English abbreviation, the Chinese meaning is reverse osmosis. Refers to a membrane separation technology, rely on a reverse osmosis membrane under pressure, the solution of the solute and solvent separation process. Briefly, generally water penetration from low concentration to high concentration, and after pressurization, the permeate from the low concentration to a high concentration. Utilizing the osmotic pressure difference as the driving force of the filtration membrane separation technique is reverse osmosis principle. Since the RO membrane pore size is one millionth of hair, small nanometer (0.0001 m), so the filtering effect of the RO membrane is very good! Only a small portion of water molecules and ions can secure mineral through the RO membrane, other impurities such as inorganic salts, heavy metal ions by the wastewater, organic compounds (pesticides, hormones), colloids, bacteria, viruses and other discharge tube. Application of Reverse Osmosis RO membrane separation filtration technology stems from research in the field of aerospace, mainly to solve the water problem of astronauts, so in the past through a reverse osmosis water treatment, also known as space, water, RO membrane is known as high-tech "artificial kidney . " After gradually converted to civilian use of this technology, the current field of pharmaceutical, military, food, scientific research, water desalination and other domestic and foreign, to take the top RO membrane filtration polymer. As the RO membrane technology is more mature, RO reverse osmosis water purification unit has entered every household, home drinking water net safest solution. To drink filtered water, changing the past, the traditional way of drinking water, drinking water not only to protect the health of residents, but also greatly enhance the quality of life. Some water purifiers points 50G, 500G, 600G What does it mean? In fact, this is mainly determined by the RO membrane filter, the larger the number represents a higher The machine is equipped with RO membrane volume, the higher the average water system, the water will be faster. For example, the maximum amount of water RO membranes prepared 50G day is 50 gallons (189L), doing an average of 0.13L per minute. The US Bangdeng Bang.d blue600G shield can be made of pure water per minute of water 1.58L, such a look, the strength of the water system capacity would compete with established met. In general maintenance of the RO membrane, RO membrane cartridge will be in the fourth or fifth layer purifier filtration, longer service life than other filter. A substantially water purifier of PP cotton, ultrafiltration membranes, activated carbon, RO filter film composition, the previous-stage filter for filtering impurities of large particles, to a large extent to the RO membrane filter protection. However, users usually have to develop the habit of timely filter replacement, because water purifiers use a long time, is likely to be of impurities into the RO membrane, RO membrane clogging the pores, resulting in their shortened life expectancy, the situation is even no water. US Bangdeng Bang.d water purifier comes flush function, both to extend the life of the filter, but also a form of protection of water quality it ~ Finally, the United States Bangdeng Bang.d want to remind you once again, we must remember time for the core, will have a steady stream of healthy water Oh ~

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