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   for water safety, some people already do not believe that, it will select a number of water purification equipment. So much equipment, it should be how to choose? How to choose? 2020-06-04, we do a brief introduction for the filter kettle kettle net difference.




fear of water quality problems, some people drink tap water in order to avoid impurities, are expensive to buy bottled water for drinking. Home water treatment or purification device, chlorine filter impurities, contaminants, and the like. This home life, this is the most effective solution. But the question is, will we perhaps more time in the office. Who will ensure the safety of drinking water on it? In recent years, popular portable net kettle on the most suitable family rented or office use. So, what is the difference between the net kettle and filter kettle is it?


refers to a filtered water bottle home drinking water filtration equipment, household drinking water purification and other aspects. Built by the filter filtering particulate impurities in the water, plankton, smell, taste and to improve water quality.


The net water kettle manner: that is how the water purification device into the inside.


net kettle water filling opening is stamped manner.


Although the anti-dust injection port design, but in the water, with the filling opening of dust may fall within the pot body with the water


filter life prompts: net kettle equipped with filter replacement reminder function to calculate the time of the way, remind. And some time to replace the filter settings based on the number of users.


In addition, there is a filling opening of the recording mode, when the water every time the user, the number of water injection port opened to record, to calculate the number of cartridges have been used, to facilitate the determination to replace the filter.


according to their preferences, choose a different water ways, and net kettle filter life prompted different functions, care of themselves and their families safe drinking water.


These are the small series of knowledge in relation to net kettle you find, perhaps you will be interested in:? Health Net kettle water do so, come to pay attention to the small series of articles in it.




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