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   concept has soft water can no longer fire the fire, a lot of people at home water softener installation. But some people want to know the soft water can purify it? Xiao Bian now explain.




Recently, the "soft water" and "water" has become popular keywords people. Many people do not understand them. Who feel came good, so often entangled installation of water softener or water purifier. So, soft water can purify it? In this regard, small query the safety of drinking water a small knowledge base, with a look.


Briefly purified water is purified water. Water purification, the material is filtered by a corresponding, depending on the needs of the final water to physically or chemically remove rust process water, sediment, chlorine, organic matter, harmful heavy metal ions, bacteria, viruses and the like. Obviously, if the full use of the water purification filter is a physical way, they will not produce or add any new material, but will not change the character of water, which is the safest way, now widely used in Western countries in the water. Purify water, removes substances harmful to human health, which we call "clean water."


softened English name: softened water definitions: softening by water after treatment, i.e. removal of calcium or all of the aqueous portion of the magnesium ions.


the final, purified and demineralized water are not the same. So, after the soft water purification it is useless, a waste of resources.


by the introduction of small series, you are not already mastered the soft water can purify you of knowledge, and if you want to learn more about water softeners can refer directly to it and other small water safety knowledge, come to the attention of small series articles of it, there are many families drinking little knowledge about drinking water.




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