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   bid farewell to 2018 and usher in 2019, thanks to the new and old friends to dealers this year of support.

   at the beginning of the new year, the security source in order to better help dealers to improve the professional sales and engineering service capabilities, the source of water purification systems, ensure that all the units have better cooperation in the water purification business output, safe source of water purifier New Year sales engineering training to carry out the first lesson to help the dealers first three will be reached "will be sold, will be installed, will after-sales" training a group of professional sales and service of water treatment skills talents as the goal.




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   kitchen appliances with our lives, our daily life can not or lack of home appliances partners, and with the pursuit of quality of life, water purifiers slowly into millions of households, along with the development of the times.

   Today, dozens from across the country, the source of core dealers have gathered in Shenzhen, with frequent water pollution incidents, people for drinking water security issues more and more attention, for water purification industry has also been rapid development.

   but there is a wide range of water purification products, consumers are at a loss, resulting in a lot of businesses have experienced sales difficulties, slow-moving and so on.

   How to increase sales? Strengthen the dealer distribution capabilities is placed in the vendors, a difficult problem in front of the dealer. , The source of water purifiers in February 2019 27-28 Shun Cheng Industrial Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen, the company successfully launched a water purification product marketing training.




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   The training will be through the authority Instructor: Shenzhen Shun Cheng Industrial Co., marketing Director - Liu Liang Hui teacher, sharing the practical operation of the new model strategy experience to provide marketing direction of development of purposeful and targeted for participating agents and other distributors to create new sales ideas and direction, so that dealers really understand how sell, how to dress, how sale, fully lay the foundation for dealers selling water purifiers future.

   let the dealer friend brought clean water feel different, so that dealers friends personally feel the effect of water purification, water purifier only personally feel good to have more confidence to sell.


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   In recent years, the national economic downturn, businesses are subject to varying degrees of impact, only clean water industry still maintained a growth trend. , The source of family members faced with a rapidly changing market environment and intensified competition in the industry, the only initiative to embrace the trend, adapt to change, to change upgrade themselves and improve service to turn challenges into opportunities, break through the bottleneck, take advantage of new marketing model to achieve leap growing up.

   adherence to product quality did not forget the early heart, Shenzhen Shun Cheng Industrial Co., Ltd. since its establishment, the source of the brand, has been focused on water purification product research and development production, at membrane configuration and production technology, net The core area of 鈥嬧€媤ater technology products design lead to domestic level.




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  , the source of implement the international quality standard system 9001 to improve the quality of management, production process segments, before each water purifier produced through rigorous testing, done to better products and more wonderful experience to millions of households in drinking water.

   positioning market innovative marketing model, a water purifier that is different from the home appliance industry, water purification set of innovative marketing mode, you can seize the initiative, based on the water purification market. Different from the traditional physical sales, it is in this environment, good marketing model is the most important agents inspect water projects.




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   complete this training will be held to strengthen the security of the source of family members communication between communication, distribution agents who have indicated benefit, and represents the development direction of future marketing provides a great help, this training will be held smoothly.

   to create opportunities to learn and build water purification marketing communication platform, create a healthy environment for the realization of drinking water and contribute to the sustainable development of water purification industry Anzhi.

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