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   As the water pollution incidents continue to occur and to raise awareness of environmental health, water purifier penetration rate is also rapidly increasing year by year, the domestic commodity consumption patterns upgrade brings new demands, the water industry has also been many investors favor, Chinas water industry to mature, steady and healthy development.



   water pollution problem is driven by an engine for development of the water industry. Water is an important part of life, is a resource for human survival, we now use the water of life "colorful" to describe not be overstated, owned by the worlds water supply is already unable to support normal water needs of all people, and now status of such a serious water pollution, lead our lives in water, sediment, heavy metals, bacteria and so seriously overweight, water purifier product of birth as the current situation, we must accept the existence.

   concept of consumer health consciousness raising and change. With the rapid economic development, improving peoples living standards, and more and more satisfied with the basic needs of life, more people began to pursue health. It is to promote universal health drinking water, drinking water quality people to understand the impact on the bodys deep, safe drinking water related to physical and mental health, but also can improve the quality of life. And by raising consumer awareness of healthy drinking water, water purification machines will not only help to improve penetration, but also improve the physical quality of peoples sense.

   national policy support as a powerful backing. Water purifiers are popular, but industry chaos. Lack of standard water purifier, water purifier market was mixed, good and bad coexist water purification products, advertising recount, illicit manufacturing and counterfeiting of repeated, violent vicious competition within the industry, severely affecting the entire industrys reputation and healthy development; this time, the development of national standards for water purifiers, water purifiers will regulate the production and product quality, clean water purifier market, making it a legal basis to promote the sustainable development of the industry, and thousands of families to drink more and more assured of quality drinking water. With the advent of "green consumption" "green appliances" and so on, my countrys water purification industry is wings, I believe the future can go further.

   market competition, promoteConduct industry. Water purifiers are becoming more and more families necessities of life. Consumer awareness of water purifier from scratch, from the assembly to the brand, after nearly two decades; and the formation and development of water purifier brand to todays post-war market, competition will have the development, wise men vying to win, I believe the brand competition will tend to make the industry more healthy development, so as to promote the development and expansion of the water industry.

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