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   As the saying goes, "who have channels in the world." Water purification agents and water purifier manufacturers is in the interests of coexistence fronts, agents must learn to rational management, not only to obtain their own interests, but also gained market benefits for their companies.



   to do the following, can take a lot less detours:

   a well-managed water purifier brand

   water purifier. agents do not pay attention to their own brands, not to maintain their credibility, not to pay attention to their behavior, not to maintain their reputation, the last is people do not pay attention to your own. Distribution for many years, will open a car, send a cargo, blowing point calf, earn a little money of capital accumulation.

   2. good control channels

   we are willing to find a sugar daddy, according to the high branches, looking for a strong joint. Water purification agents most useful is the channel, contact your network is wealth chart. You run your own network like spider webs, sit tight in the military account, the enemy will throw its own.

   3. Solidarity good pulse

   a good business network of agents, to speak on the weight of heavy, company leaders will also support efforts to increase because you will share those concerns for them. So the agents not only to bow to pull carts, people had to pull counterparts.

   4. Good financial management

   money should be sufficient, to clearing accounts, cash flow necessarily better, even small buy and sell, but also reflects the spirit of not bad money, otherwise the water purifier manufacturers will continue to look for a replacement, your preliminary work on the waste.

   5. Good management team

   set up their own gang, the team reveals intimate, yet also order and high degree of association. We are a group of stakeholders. You do not own a good team or gangs, then talk about growth, sooner or later we will return to the family-run shop. Let others help you make money is a good thing you do not understand, then it must be difficult in any big negative.

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