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  Why can not water "tap" direct purification to "drinking water"?

   Author: Ma Ying-jeou

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So far the water company water treatment process used or thirty or forty years ago, this traditional process used flocculation, sedimentation, filtration, disinfection, this traditional craft techniques are not able to organic pollution and heavy metals in the raw water to get rid of, so our tap water is not able to drink directly.







If so why not water company to improve the process, the water can be directly processed into drinking water in line to the developed countries to adapt to modern requirements for drinking water it? Experts believe that the main factors that may have the following two aspects:




First, it is not necessary


At present, there are three aspects of the use of tap water delivery to the home, first wash water, mostly flush toilets, this part of the water accounts for about 30% of total household water consumption. Second, washed with water, bath and laundry primarily, this part of the water about 65 percent of the total household water consumption. Third, directly into the body of water, primarily drinking water and cook spoil the broth with water. Now fully able to meet the flushing water and washed with water requirements, i.e., fully able to meet 95% of household water quality requirements. In addition to that, if 5% of all the requirements of the water according to the highest quality requirements to deal with, really not much need. Imagine each to flush toilets and wash clothes are bathing with mineral water, it is not too wasteful?




The second is not realistic


If you press the drinking water standards to deal with the water, so now the water companies need to spend a lot of capital investment to transform the current water plant, a daily water supply 100,000 tons of water, at least tens of millions of reconstruction funds. After transformationProcessing cost is also higher than the current process. If the process according to drinking water standards, then the supply of water to the people at home would not now three to five dollars a ton, but will now be several times the price of water will increase the expenses of the family. On the other hand, even if the water company to water into drinking water, and after a pipeline and secondary water supply facilities tens of kilometers, will increase the number of pollutants into the water, it is difficult to ensure that people at home can faucet flowing water drink straight. So, to say, the water company water treatment into drinking water is not realistic.


Based on the above two reasons, in the present case, office buildings and other places in the cell, the amount of the water depth to purify drinking water by specialized equipment, is more economical and the most realistic option. Of course, maybe a decade or two of development, reduce processing costs, water pipelines updated, turn on the tap is safe to drink tap water can be possible to achieve. (Spring water purifier to edit http://www.quanlai.net/)

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