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   October 1, the countrys annual birthday is coming soon! Many people will take advantage of eleven small holiday visiting friends and relatives. While visiting friends and relatives, then bound to carry some of the souvenirs. So, the gifts good? In fact, gift-giving is not a simple matter in China, and even can be said to be a science. Too expensive to send their own distressed; send too cheap, ugly themselves. So, in the end the gifts National Day better arrangement? Gifts they both affordable and stylish atmosphere? Here with Xiaobian a look!

   According to the latest data show, and now gifts, then we pay more attention to practicality and environmental protection. And do practical and environmental protection is better, of course belong to water purifiers and air purifiers, water purifiers in particular, has slowly become a common household appliance! In fact, the prevalence of water purifiers and water pollution in recent years more and more of our there are a lot of serious relationship. Plus, tap water, bottled water and other water pollution incident once again exposed.

   water there is a "secondary pollution" during transport, as well as bottled water repeatedly exposed substandard, a large number of rivers and water pollution, people have to make more scientific safe and healthy way to clean drinking water directly demand and consensus emerged this time the water purifier is undoubtedly a new ray of dawn. Chemicals effectively filter the water purifier is not only rust, sand, colloidal and adsorption of chlorine, odor, color, and other pesticides, but also effectively remove bacteria, impurities, toxins, heavy metals. Let the water do drink straight in the true sense. Gifts sent water purifiers, send health, sent is peace of mind.


   After sending water purifiers become fashion, send what brand water purifier has become a troublesome issue for consumers, because now the water purifier on the market up to thousands of pieces, as the consumer how to choose it? Xiao Bian interviewed a lot of consumption, their answers are searching in the online "free water purifiers top ten brands ranked" "what brand of water purifier is better?" "top ten rankings water purifier" and many more. Then make a purchase based on these rankings. But the fact that these rankings are highly subjective and one-sidedness, not as a consumer purchase criteria, can only be used as a reference. Well, then send the water purifier what brand to buy good? In fact, you can consider in terms of brand, quality and after-sales!

   1, the core technology

   At present, the main water purifier on the market and ultrafiltration membrane technology fromRO two kinds of reverse osmosis membrane. RO reverse osmosis membrane water purifiers, also known as produced water machine, water purifier ultrafiltration membrane made of multi-called pipeline ultrafiltration water purifier machine or kitchen. Pure water filtration accuracy higher, generally used for household drinking water.

   RO - M reverse osmosis water purification, filtration accuracy of 0.01 micrometers, efficient removal of volatile organic compounds such as E. coli bacteria in the water, chloroform, carbon tetrachloride, phenol, and high adsorption I Harmonia smell chlorine and other products to enhance the taste, strong drink familys health care.

   2, the service is king

   - M - professional household water purifiers leading brand of CCTV broadcasting brand strength, household water purification industry leader. Hua Kang water purifier manufacturers, founded in 1999, focused on clean water for 17 years, has been producing products of excellence, constantly improve the service, the intentions of building the brand, and always positive innovation. - M has a sound marketing network system and information management system, from appliance chain stores, department stores, building materials market, business channels to all levels of brand stores, dealers, formed a sales network has tens of thousands of terminals and distribution systems sales channel.

   - M purifiers not only the intentions of investment, also has been active in raising business, franchisees full support for proxy top ten support policies, the industry take the lead in the implementation of "Marketing on 24-hour wait," the sales support for manufacturers to provide water purifiers regional exclusive agents and distributors a variety of water purifiers wholesale direct business model, manufacturers to provide comprehensive support, in community promotion, engineering buy, promotion and other aspects will sell, Hua Kang water purifiers are excellent reputation in the industry as a whole.

   to the National Day, of course, gifts to send water purifiers top ten brands - M! In recent years, exacerbated by Chinas water pollution problem not only attracted more attention, to further promote the water purifier market, present, China water industry product penetration is only 2%. Chen Gang, deputy secretary general of China Household Electrical Appliances Association, said recently that the water purification market has great potential, he expects, will be an annual output of household water purifiers 45% growth rate, my countrys household water purification industry will enter a golden period of rapid development. Hua Kang water purifiers top ten brands as domestic water purifier now facing the investment, wealth Hotline: 400-0310-268 understand Hua Kang water purifier brand details, please click on 鍗庡皵搴? width=

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