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  Water Rights Exchange: how to regulate "buy water" and "selling water" Author: Tim net water purification Views: 734 Date:? 2016-6-30 14:29:07 basis of the most scarce natural resources, what is no question is water. Supply and demand of water resources has restricted the stable development of Chinas economy. Priority is to improve the effective utilization of water resources, "China Water Rights Exchange" was born. Yesterday, the "China Water Rights Exchange" officially open. Water rights, including ownership and use of water resources. Water rights trading is a reasonable basis for the definition and allocation of water use rights on the realization of the right to use water resources through the market mechanism, in the regional, inter-basin, upstream and downstream, between industries, between water users transfer behavior Basin. The future, the market mechanism in the optimal allocation of water resources can play what role, "buy water" and "selling water" will be how to regulate? How to apply water rights trading market to re-allocation of water resources, that is, how to improve through the market mechanism water use efficiency are increasingly valued. Chinese Water Right Exchange Co., Ltd. is a registered capital of 600 million yuan, has 12 investors. Next is the main business carried out by the competent department of water administration recognized water rights trading. Meanwhile, in order to ensure market smoothly, improve service quality and efficiency of water rights trading, China will carry out the exchange of water rights transaction consulting, technology assessment, information dissemination, intermediary services, public services and other supporting services. Extreme water shortage in the moment when the birth of water rights exchanges, will be the norm "buy water" and "selling water" beneficial presence. "Buy water" and "selling water" specification, water purification equipment small series that will greatly impact on water resources optimization and configuration.

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