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mankind always looking for the best drinking water, drinking water also will be a fashion revolution. Developed countries have already completed the development of bottled water to tap water and then by the family of clean water, while China is still basically at the stage drinking bottled water, but with the improvement of peoples living standards, enhancing environmental health awareness, home water purification the concept has also been people understand and accept. Membrane technology is the core technology of water treatment, with the development of membrane technology, drinking water has also undergone great changes in recent years, the emergence of water to terminal-based household water purifiers, bring drinking water ways The new revolution. Development of water purification equipment terminal has gone through the following phases: 1, PP cotton filter water purifier is only acting PP cotton by filtration, water through simple processing, a product filter out large particles of impurities, Water can not be removed in the organic matter, present only as a pretreatment of the water purifier component. 2, followed by mineral pot-type water purifier is installed on the market of products currently on the dispenser, its mechanism is simple, but with a smaller pore size of the coarse filter layer water Journal suspension was filtered, the filtration process is short, lack of precision, such products for heavy metals in water. pesticide. Organic, limited removal of bacteria. 3, while the use of membrane separation technology in the early purifier broadly divided into two. UF and reverse osmosis membrane water purification water purification, the RO membrane to apply more water system, such water purifiers on the market due to the need to increase pressure, and the more the ratio of waste water, the water utilization rate is only 30%, a large number of concentrated water drained as waste, and the power required to run the product, the higher cost machine, RO machine at the same time to remove impurities, contaminants, and also to addition to the water of microelements. Ultrafiltration water purifiers because of the organic compounds and small molecules, can not be completely removed. They are present deficiencies. Household water purifiers

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