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  2015 water purification industry trend of rapid, water purifier manufacturers from more than 2,000 to more than 4,000 direct ascent plus. Water purifier sales compared with 2014, an increase of more than 30%, while the number of agents franchisees to join the water purification industry is also rising, making the 2016 water purifier market more competitive.

   In fact, the Agent a water purifier brand threshold is very low, there are a few million active funds can start adding water purification industry who mostly ran from its vast market for water purifiers function construction and sales methods are ignorant, so that a large portion of water purification agents for franchisee sales can not start. In order to join the agency to quickly seize the market, generating a large and quick sales, the franchisee should water purifier multi-channel sales model can try.


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   1, franchise marketing

   retail stores can be said is the basis of the earliest differentiated, personalized, and it is now the most common water industry the sales method, which gives a fine, unified image of the feeling.

   2, will sell marketing

   refers to marketing meetings by looking for a specific customer, by way of family services and product description of the method of selling products. The essence of the meeting is to lock marketing and development of target customers, the customer the full range output corporate image and product knowledge, as an expert consultant conducted the care and the hidden intention of selling to customers.

   3, door to door

   door to door is the most common personal selling form, it is a sample of products carried by sales personnel, brochures, product testing tools and order and other visits to customers, sell products.

   4, experiential marketing

   can shop in front of the stores, shopping malls, rural markets, Plaza Mayor, Street, medium clients home, accompanied by propaganda speakers, video playback and vivid demonstration , environmental science, public service activities, to develop water purifier market is not difficult.

   5, stationed Monopoly

   set up a special counter for water purifiers unified image, considering the risks brought about by the counter. If the location is good, big crowd, rent the right, set up a special counter water purifiers can also bring a good income.

   6, live auction

   in the form of an auction to sell water purifiers is also a good method.Find the population concentration supermarket door or integrated market square, while the presentation side of the water purifier speech function, role, to lead consumers to buy.

   7, district marketing

   Use of the Field area, real estate, carried water purifier publicity, promotion, so close contact with the owners, to understand, to buy water purifier.

   8, wholesale distribution


   to obtain regional representation, in the region of building materials, hardware, sanitary, solar energy, decoration stores, company business promotion, wholesale prices for them to help distributors Water Purifier.

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