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school campus drinking is one of the most concerned about health problems, from Cape school to college have seen the figure of drinking fountains it gave the students of drinking water has brought great convenience, plus Sheung Shui is very important, so drinking fountains will directly affect their health for the body. Now many schools immediately began winter vacation, then used a water dispenser Bailey semester of six months after placement, how to clean, maintain, they become very particular about.



After entering ordinary drinking water dispenser, in the heating process, some calcium, magnesium salts thermal decomposition, from water-soluble substances into a water-insoluble material, heating lamps attached to a metal surface became scale, so that heat exchange efficiency will decrease drinking, waste of energy.


If the dispenser-name is not replaced in the filter harmful substances into the interior of the dispenser, at high temperatures influence the rapid breeding of people watch a large number of bacteria, a long time will form a green flocs , when the dispenser has been polluted.


suggested that winter is approaching Bili drinking - drinking fountains cleaned once every three months. Each time before discharging waste water before washing in the machine, and then select Bili official store clean drinking fountains, the use of professional cleaning technology and cleaning agent for drinking fountains, drinking fountains thoroughly disinfected to ensure that drinking water health problems of students in the coming year, call details 400-800-0725.

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