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   water industry in foreign countries is a high degree of popularity of the product, which is mainly caused by different lifestyle, people are used to drinking water in foreign countries, basic water requirements are relatively high, while in the domestic habits of drinking boiling water. Data show that the developed water purifier penetration rate exceeds 80%, the United States and Europe more than 90%, Japan 80%, while penetration in the country less than 5%.

   With increasing environmental pollution, water purification domestic market from the 1980s has drawn attention to the market, domestic brands have over 3000. Of course, the current protection of domestic municipal water safety is high, but the quality of life of people growing requirements, but also to the rapid development of the water industry has an opportunity.

   Currently, the water purifier according to reverse osmosis water purification filter structure is divided into RO water purification and ultrafiltration. RO reverse osmosis water purification filter is a standard filter 5, i.e.: PP cotton, carbon particles, compressed carbon, RO reverse osmosis membrane, post carbon; ultrafiltration membrane water purification is based, the other filter as activated carbon (excluding energy filter) supplemented; RO reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration fundamental difference lies in the different filtering accuracy, RO reverse osmosis membrane filtration precision of 0.001 microns and the membrane filtration accuracy of 1 micron. RO reverse osmosis membrane water purification needs power, produce waste water, the water can be filtered off almost all the impurities (including harmful and beneficial) Even viruses and bacteria can not pass, allowing only water molecules. Product infinitely close to pure water; ultrafiltration membrane does not require power, the rust can filter the water, sediment, suspended solids, colloids, bacteria, organic molecules and other harmful substances, can retain some mineral elements. Mineral water, mountain spring water in the production process of the core components.

   us from the following questions, explore water purification needs of the family life.

   1, purify the water purifier in the end what is?

   In China, the basic drinking water safety is able to safeguard the general household water, water purifier purpose is to obtain drinking water, but in fact, ultrafiltration machine is able to meet this condition, ultrafiltration machine can simply remove rust, sediment, colloids, bacteria and other debris in the water (with a drink straight instead of ultrafiltration machine on the market, in fact, one concept), the RO drinking water must reverse osmosis water purification techniques to generate final * achieve linear standard drinking pure water.

   However, some families also the purpose of reducing the concentration of calcium and magnesium ions in water, Enhance the taste of water, minerals, reducing damage to electric water heaters, boilers, etc., which directly can be arranged in a soft water inlet.

   2, water purifier to bring our health what?

   the development of water purification industry has, in the end to our lives what good is it? In fact, to bring our health the benefit far less publicity achieved. First, the body gets minerals in drinking water or food source is, at this point the current nutrition scholars there is still much controversy, but using pure water, but it is reducing human access to sources of mineral nutrition; secondly, pure water containing a mineral that does not mean more easily absorbed by the body, is easily absorbed by the human body is water containing electrolytes. After strenuous exercise, drink a lot of pure water, it will exacerbate the imbalance in the bodys electrolytes.

   3, water purifier hidden

   The core fitting

   in a water purifier, in the official recommendations, the replacement cycle of the reverse osmosis membrane is 2--3 years, about 200, activated carbon PP cotton and replacement cycle of 6-12 months, 100 yuan; this means that the market has a lot of New Year water purifier is sick of the job. The filters work to bring sick but greater health risks. Reverse osmosis membrane or ultrafiltration membrane extended service will bring substantial decline in purification efficiency, while PP cotton, activated carbon adsorption can put debris and bacteria released again into the drinking water inside.

   then in order to ensure water security for home users, how to select a water purifier it?

   1, do not install water purification equipment water softener scheme, the water table is at home, installed a Water Softener. The role of water softener is to make initial filter to remove sediment, rust, colloid and other debris in the water, and then the excess water displaces the mineral, water has become the home of a lower mineral content of soft water , increase the taste of water, but also reduces damage to the household water heaters scale, kettles and the like;

   2, water purifier program, installed in a home kitchen RO membrane ultrafiltration or reverse osmosis water purification water purification unit . This water is suitable for use demanding users.

   In either water purification equipment, are inseparable from flushing the filter regularly and replace, but let filter sick extended service, the cost of extended service, the use of water might as well not go through purification water.

   Thus, technically speaking, is in fact a purification topic, when theIn the case before the basic safety of drinking water are protected, and for most home users, boil the water or use soft water is safer than using a water purifier health, water purifier used improperly they may bring health risks.

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