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   concerned about water purification industry trends, inventory Weekly News. Review last week, home water purifier pleasure to join CCTV TV debut Shanghai Water Show detonate venue; after another sixth Hua Kang water purifier + SNS Things mode share would value the vision of industry events and so on. Below, China water purifier small plait (www.jsq001.com) takes you review last week (6.12-6.18) water purifiers top ten hot news.

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   home water purifier pleasure to join CCTV TV debut Shanghai Water Show venue detonated

   The annual Shanghai International water exhibition opened at the national Exhibition Center, over 200,000 square meters of exhibition area, attracted more than 30 countries, nearly more than 4,000 manufacturers to exhibitors, the worlds leading water purification company gathered to put their most advanced technology, the most beautiful products, the most successful model went into the venue, Arena is the venue, exhibitors to develop their potentials to the most favorable posture to greet customers from home and abroad to view exhibitions, venue unprecedented daily average of 200,000 exhibition Hall flow of people, once again embodies the peoples attention and participation of the water purification market, this is definitely a show not to be missed water ...... [click for more]

   the sixth China Kang water purifier things + SNS mode share would value the vision

   of the first real estate people get rich, get rich first do the Internet, and today there are about to do a number of things people have become rich, 2017 on June 8 networked water purifier + SNS mode - M worth of water purification Technology Co., Ltd. was sharing session at the forefront of reform and opening up - Shenzhen grand opening, the meeting was made after Hua Kang water purifier + SNS things pattern held sixth value. sharing the vision! I think we all can not wait to know the content of the meeting, the next meeting would bring detailed live for everyone from the small series. [Click for more]

   Shanghai Exhibition water source clean water perfect ending victorious forward

   June 9, the three-day 2017 Shanghai Tenth International Water Exhibition, came to an end. As the worlds largest water treatment industry event, we bring together more than one thousand exhibitors from around the world, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors from more than 70 countries and regions. Clean water source made impressive record on the water show, three days received thousands of visitors, brand imageInfluential, technical strength, product quality have won the reputation of a lot of make clean water source. Scientific and technological innovation, highlighting the technical strength [Click for more]

   love Guy water purifier: the rural market is the water industrys "Gold Mountain"

   due to the heavy industry-oriented enterprises on the urban environment pollution, large factory base part have been moved to rural, industrial water discharge cause serious pollution of water sources in rural areas, coupled with rural farms planting site for a class requires a lot of use of fertilizers, lack of disposal facilities have been improved, water pollution in rural areas It has seriously can no longer serious. Rural consumer demand for water purifier ever before, the proportion of home appliance industry in the rural economy has also increased year by year. [Click for more]

   Ho Chak Le Puda strategic cooperation to accelerate the whole industry chain ecological layout

   June 15, Chinese water industry leader Ho Chak water purifier brand motor industry giant Dunlop up formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement, which is following the brand Bailey Group signed a strategic agreement with public drinking on campus leader, ho Chak again another industry giants cross-border cooperation, strategic territory expansion. Ho Chak water purifier industry with innovative product line of smart positional advantages and ecological wisdom hydrosphere, and music Puda in the field of micro-motor of the worlds leading technology advantages, the two sides will be in environmental protection appliance industry chain, supply chain, channel resources integration and other aspects to carry out a comprehensive strategic cooperation [click for more]

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