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   With the rapid development of the Internet the past two years, "sharing" the word lightning speed to within sight of the public and active. For a time, fame, gave birth to a wave of shared economic tide! The bicycle sharing, shared charging Po, share the umbrella, sleep sharing, car sharing, shared KTV etc., even extending into the shared water purifier.


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water purifier rental model exist long ago, the most typical is a listed company is almost a fortune on this model, in the absence of things era leasing mode or in kind by means of a card, swipe water. The last couple of years the concept of networking fire, it can be said that an upgraded version of the credit card mode, that is, from the identification card, APP becomes recognition, there is no difference in essence.


to do more of the main manufacturers sharing model, in fact, a disguised form of leasing model. So, sharing clean water is what kind of routine? What exactly will give agents the drawbacks and consumers do? Sharing the cost of water purification agents cooperation mode, Ming earn real loss

   1, seemingly Distribution volume, low investment costs, the profit is very low, said first shared water purifier rental features, users of lowering the threshold, only to receive deposits or money can filter free water purifier, by the majority of consumers. Agent Crane to shop is very easy, some agents took a fancy to this new marketing model, plunge into the proxy shared mode, but did not take into account the amount of running at the same time, bring a range of issues. Proxy mode manufacturers, agents need to pay 30,000 -50,000 costs, water purification products from factory shipments, profit 55 points, 37 points. If a water purifier profit a year is 200, water purifier fitted with at least 250 units, to be able to profit from the manufacturers in the. But you do not forget every installation of a water purification device, you need to install a master of labor costs. If you need to install several water purifiers day 10, a master installation is not enough. Store rental costs, the cost of installation master, follow-up maintenance, etc., add up to too much of agents. Thus, agents that can be obtained very little profit. 2, agents that act as service providers and Distribution points, to transfer risk to the agents who shared mode by the majority of consumers, but the agency is in fact equivalent to a supplier and DistributionService points, all the risks are passed on to subsequent dealer body. Sharing water purifier using advanced models of things, if the consumer does not renew, agents can disable consumer devices. Things charged by theory, this model is the do the same. But now we IOT technology is not mature, there are many ways to bypass the Internet of Things (mainly computer control board + Things chip) control. Skilled brush can not renew purpose computer board use, non-technical dismantling the machine may not renew the purpose of use. Things break the users monitor appears to be less useful, agents have no other way to be constrained. Therefore, subsequent points of interest can be imagined, the agents did not have much harvest.

   consumers to use shared water purifier, in fact, is a shared scam a scam: free distribution of water purifiers have to pay a deposit margin call 500-1000, you can receive a free water purifier, use full 1--2 years later, the equipment refundable, deposit also returned. Then when you want to return the equipment back margin, call the service center, but found no answer. Scam II: water purifier free to send, receive-only filter Get a FREE money of 6,000 yuan a water purifier, many elderly people feel worthwhile benefits, went to collect water purifiers, but was told to charge ranging from 500-900 cartridge costs. However, the filter cycle only 2-3 months, so doing, a year ranging from 2000-3000 required fees filter, and the filter material is also relatively poor. This free water purifier, net media network small advice consumers to try not to use. Scam 3: "will sell" mode, cheat more and more consumers to dealer sales, will sell, free mode, huh scam in rural areas in a big way. This scam is often the first three days of lectures has been to send a small gift, say health, health content like using water electrolysis means to promote local water quality is not good, then sell three non-poor or low water purification products, to sell at high prices the elderly left behind in rural areas. This three non-product, there are some safety problems in the late stage, and there is no service protection, rural people to cause a lot of damage. Scam IV: rental model, users need only a disguised form of installment payment of the prescribed deposit and service fee, you can enjoy the facilities provided by the follow-up businesses as well as on-site installation and maintenance for the core, routine maintenance and other services. Many consumers think that sharing water purifier really save money, and to have the security service. But you have not found the money behind, in fact, a disguised form of leasing? It is understood that intelligence sharing water purifier deposit fee is $ 500, the monthly service fee is $ 80, 3-year overall spending needs ranging from 3000-5000. Rental model also makes people to question their own fear before use water purifier is whether the use of someone else, whether there are quality and health assurance.

   Insiders believe that this so-called "shared water purifier" is in fact playing the "sharing" walking a fine line, it has a free water purifier is actually a disguised form of installments. Like sharing a bicycle, although many people give convenience, but how many people are concerned about where the health of it? Especially water purifiers, water purification using shared equipment, materials certainly not the best, filter replacement cycle is short, and the smart device did not remind filter replacement, most likely you think of clean water, may have been secondary pollution , and this shared water purifier, you are also willing to accept it? Agency cooperation in the selection of the product, do not covet only a small immediate benefits, starting from the long-term, choose a regular, we have a strong after-sales service guaranteed partner. Strong cooperation, to be able to go on the road to long-term water purification business. The ordinary consumer, do not be fooled by the surface of the shared mode, select quality assured, service good water purifier brand, can really drink safe water, protect the health of their families.

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