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   water purification products toiled on water pollution problems, has been much attention, coupled with the water purifier easy to use, easy to operate, but also by the praise of consumer groups, major manufacturers of water purification products will pay close attention to an opportunity to have innovation in technology, consumer electronics market boomed.




household water purification products - fought series proportion increased

   With the increasingly severe, and peoples living standards improve, the popularity of water purifier water pollution It has become an irresistible trend. But the reality of a 5% penetration rate far below the 70 percent of mature market requirements, water purifier market is growing rapidly, attracting crowded. Currently a large water purifier brand not only Falan Ni, Hansi Dun, Li Sheng Deng traditional drinking water machine professional brand, as well as the United States, nine-yang, Gree, Panasonic and other conglomerates. According to rough estimates, there are water purification equipment business on the Chinese market has more than 3000.

   household water purifiers competitive trend has been highlighted, which Falan Ni to 15.86 won the first one, the author of the above analysis of the brand, the brand found active mainly in the following four aspects.

   concentrated in the home water purification products series

   Current wide range of water purification, the water purifier main commercial, household water, kitchen water purifier, drink straight, energy machine, water softener, central machine, whole-house machines. China has 1.3 billion people, the majority of which ordinary families, they are more inclined to buy a stable and economical water purification products - household water purifiers, the resulting huge profits cake, so future water purifier market space is also will gradually concentrated here, "who in the world was home."

   brands to show rapid growth

   Since 2000, hundreds of brand quickly expanded to now more than 3,000 water purifier brand, a series of home water purifier water purifier in these brands accounted for 76 %. From the brand activity, this year compared with last year brand activity gradually tend to household water purifier brand, and home appliance giant heavyweights have begun groups, product design more and more integration of home improvement element force small customers, while the price is more close to the people, let more people experience water purifier new life.

   advertising pour

   treatment from the previous false water purification to enhance the current concept of healthy drinking water, water purification and both fall advertisingMark, of course, this is a good concept of change. Also whether it is propaganda at the front, or now online advertising, everyones focus is concentrated in this one domestic water, accounting for 93% of the entire water purifier ad.

   household water purifiers advisory capacity increased

   by 124 well-known brand consulting online sample survey, 76% of household water purifiers consulting, data from the major instant messaging tool (business QQ, Baidu to bridge, 53 customer service, etc.), shows a strong domestic water has improved peoples ideas.

   development of each industry is not easy, and also the development of water purifier, in order to get a seat in this industry, we must find water purifier market focus, home water purifier market both a bright spot (profit margins), also a difficulty (competition). To get greater development, quality and service is both long-term strategy.

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