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   China is a tea-drinking country, but also tea-producing countries, since ancient times, tea is the Chinese peoples tradition, even in this era of modern drinks prevalent today, Chinese peoples habit of drinking tea is still dominated. Is called the father is as teas, water is the mother of tea, tea has to pay attention to tea, water very seriously.



   Suzhou literati tea means most like to use "day fell into the water", this collection is called the net off the water. When it rains, rainwater flows through the net drop tube jars, and there is a switching device, the early rain dust do not have to wait until after the roof has been cleaned rain, just turn on the switch, allowing rainwater to flow jars, especially the five a year May apricot season, rainwater collection, with its victory slip Gan spring, addicted to tea are regarded as treasures, called plum water.

   perspective turned the moment, people who pay attention to tea brewing tea and more children are drinking water with the water purifier filter, brown and translucent tea flavor refreshing limp walk, choking smooth, refreshing solution tired refreshing. Today, it is recommended purifier functional and practical for everyone, high efficiency filter impurities in the water, healthy drinking water brewing tea, tea flavor is more mellow finish.

   1, Philips purifier AP400



   Philips water purifier, 400G large flux, 1.05L / min flow fun, easy to deal with water peak. No one barrel design, fresh and healthy space savings. Integrated water, 70% reduction in the risk of leakage. AquaShield multiple purification system, heavy metal removal rates up to 99%, the protection of children grow up. High-quality reverse osmosis RO membrane total net amount of water up to 8000L, long-lasting filters, the provincial "core" cheaper.

   2, Smith water purifier 1200M



   Smith water purifiers, water formed integrally Patent integrated, 60% reduction in the risk of leakage. The new dual-display upgrade faucet, water quality and safety at a glance. Refuse transfer buckets, 1200ml / min net amount of water, i.e. drinking fresh running water. Observing the composite filter efficiency, the full effect of water purification. MAX3.0 long-term reverse osmosis filter, a replacement for three years Province "core." Intelligent cleaning technology patented, self-cleaning filter in a timely manner more peace of mind.

   3, water purifier Mi



  M home water purifier, 600 gallons straight out of high-volume, 7.5 seconds take full glass of water, water fun. No deposit tank, to prevent secondary pollution. Intelligent technology to enhance the water, waste water ratio up to 2: 1. Independent intelligent control faucet, work status, real-time display filter life. Level 4 potent filtered, effective to remove impurities, water filtration of packaging drinking water standards.

   4, Patio water purifier KRL3916



   Patio water purifier, 600G bucketless flow design, i.e., 8 seconds cup of fresh filtered water. 1400m slim design, compact and easy to install. Five three core fine filtration, the filter layers of drops pure. Three-year long-term RO membranes, high filtration more durable. A new generation of pull type filter, easily replaced just two steps. An effect of water, 1.5: 1 ratio of waste water is low.

   5, Angel water purifier J2407-ROB60



   Angel water purifier, 500G large flux, 1L / min of water velocity, water straight drink without waiting. 2: 1 ratio of waste water, saving water and money. Lead-free faucets, the better the final effluent off. 6 fine filter, dual parallel PP filter, filter out large particles of impurities to ensure smooth water, drinking water straight. Glue board, put leakage safer.

   Summary: daily life, you want a healthy drink tea, you need to pay attention to these things, immediately after a meal is best not to drink tea, tea is recommended in about one hour after a meal, reducing the burden of gastrointestinal digestion . 80 degrees is best to use water to brew tea, then after some brew to cool, about 40 degrees and then drink, so that you can retain the fragrance of tea taste. Best not to drink tea, weak tea healthier, more suitable for our body needs.

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