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   From the current trend of domestic water purification industry point of view, water purifiers future will become an integral part of our lives, "members", but also created a number of opportunities for the industry. However, there are many water purification agents dealers have encountered such a problem: Why not sell water purifier in the end is what causes it



   1. The site does not?? good

   water purifier stores address determines the flow of people, but also determines the sales agents who can not not pay attention. If money is not a problem, so be sure to select flow more lots, store decoration can not be too shabby, so there will be a foundation.


   2. Service

   poor sales outlets and sales staff is closely related to the service, shopping guide staff attitude affect the customers desire to buy Therefore the agent who must pay attention to develop their own sales staff, should always keep smiling, to address user confusion.

   3. Lack of relevant expertise

   do not have professional knowledge, but wheres the perfect after-sales service. For the staff of the water purifier, you must be familiar with the requirements of its water purifiers related knowledge, such as how to install water purifiers, water purifiers how to use water purifiers what accessories What are the respective roles, how to clean water purifiers, etc. these professional knowledge to be familiar with.

   4. Mode does not work

   Throughout most of the water purifier store sales is not, the biggest problem is the model does not work, the traditional model nothing more than direct sales model, will sell mode, network marketing mode, marketing mode. Only innovative sales model, in order to occupy a place in the water purifier market.

   long familiar with and master the above points, I believe that your store will be visited and water purifiers such as City earn revenue from.

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