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   todays market, no matter whether you sell water purifiers, even if you are selling air-conditioning, first do learn to do business, to train themselves into a learning talent! This "learning" the word we all know who are also I have understood, but it! to learn what to do to change personnel are not ordinary.



   First, we must take the initiative to deal with successful people. Successful people here, is old business, and sellers are able, get the clients old business, but not with the business of learning, "Oil Stick." Business in the "Oil Stick" in addition to rhetoric only have their position, but in fact nothing real skill. The business of the "experts" are not the same, he had a son learning ability and specializes in spirit, and knowledge in the very thorough, very understanding of human nature, and does not aim to never give up! These "successful people" professionalism, business operations focus on the spirit and inherent skills, you should seriously study and try to figure out, so you will cherish forever! another point is that the initiative had consulted widely and successfully communicate with the old business, and ask in a collision you will grow soon . Remember, "knows nothing, doubts nothing," the truth, you decide where you are with the height! Do not waste time on unnecessary social and nonsense.

   Second, water purification basic product knowledge to thoroughly understand. The first thing you have to understand, no matter what skills grafting, the core point in the final analysis you are still "sellers", then these basics water purification product works, product mix, product features, advantages compared with their peers and so you have to quickly make up up. Found where there do not understand, immediately to make up for it, do not stay dead, do not delay, to timely training teachers for advice, or consult promptly old business, leadership and all who may seek answers, there must be "humbly ask for advice," the mentality, "learning is earned," there is nothing embarrassed, you will enjoy the ability Xue Daoshou life.

   Third, to be eclectic, well-read, knowledge of all aspects of keeping curious. Modern society needs "multi-skill" complex talent, so you have to like an actor doing business as "versatile through everything," such as you are "waving the hammer," but some knowledge of "the masters" skills, maybe youve got into the "sword club"Entry card, and that there may have been you sell water purifiers potential customers.

  " ugly people would read more books, "so I very consciously reading, you how much of it did not handsome than me! so nothing more than reading, reading newspapers, browsing professional website, regardless of the child to see a fortune teller read the book or magazine, you can look at.

   [123 ] fourth, water purifier sales service should be efficient. No matter what business should pay attention to after-sales service, we sell water purifiers, especially the one hand lifting capacity water purifier sales service to solve the problem, on the other hand to achieve customer must promptly respond to a call, quickly dispatched to enhance customer goodwill and satisfaction. in this way, we sell water purifiers have a reputation, word of mouth had the opportunity of client referrals has increased, interlocking main push to enhance your performance.

   plus fresh water purifier brand after 10 years of continuous innovation, continuous improvement, continuous learning, the new operator model, innovation way, has been in the market, agents and distributors of highly recognized, while the market is to get good results. fresh water plus innovative management style has slowly spread and promotion in the water purification industry.

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