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   national entrepreneurship and innovation, entrepreneurship has been a big boom. In the best of times, entrepreneurship seems to have no threshold. More and more people have the courage to dream into reality, give up a stable job in the investment business boom. Where there is such a group of people, public-spirited, concerned about the environment and peoples livelihood and health, environmental protection industry in selected business. In addition to the early years of air purifiers touted by others, but now it has become a household water purification environmental protection industry a new business direction. Water purifiers to join the agency has become the first choice for a lot of attention to water pollution and safe drinking water. But many entrepreneurs in the understanding of the prospects to become water purification agent after the franchisees, franchise operations for water purifiers do not know how to start, the following is a small series of operational guidance provided to you. After



   1 store address selection

   confirm the choice of a good cooperation prospects water purifier manufacturers understand the industry, the first concern should be: should shop where open to the widest range of business radiation? generate both sales and enable customers to find the fastest admiring shop. Shop location to have a word abortion and obvious, decoration and labeling significantly, taking into account the cost.

   2. The sellers have to rely on propaganda

   Today For many consumers, a water purifier or a new thing, especially in some rural areas. Guidance and do not do publicity, it is difficult to obtain the trust of consumers. Moreover, wine is also deeply afraid of the alley, no matter how good your water purifier, rural neighborhood do not know how to sell? So sellers need to do first publicity, so that consumers have to first experience. A propaganda vehicle, a mobile tent, field experience to do, also in field sales. Selling water purifier is a happy ground, township wheeled doing activities do experience, free to do water quality testing, to two to one, with people who know you know more, trust it again. To promote themselves out, the product will sell more.



   3. Promotion of online and offline together

   sales agents have regional restrictions range, but can also be done online promotion, this is called O2O. For example there is a separate water purification Lynx official mall, online not only sell, but also online propaganda, and actively guide customers to the online museum and local agents to carry out the experience. In addition, the HC, paste it, and so the network platform to promote the 360 鈥嬧€媋lso has publicity and promotion, sales and dissemination under the brand line has benefits.

   4. Enter the water purifier market will sell

   since joining the water purifier that moment on water purifier sales market will certainly understand, according to current understanding of the water purifier is still a will sell based. As do will have a physical store marketing activities for the franchisee to after-sales support are more likely to win the trust of consumers, if the manufacturers would sell the team there to teach you how to do it will sell better. If the manufacturer then has an internal training organization, it would be more perfect enough.

   5. The development of secondary distributors

   far better than retail distribution, although the lower profit margins, but the number sold, improved market share. Not to mention a good product but also to win the reputation. So small or tell you that water purifier sales agents, the development of more than two distributors, let them help you work together sellers, than you could sell a single one come faster.

   more focused on five water purifiers how the store operates, believe that it is people, plus their wisdom, successful harvest only time will tell. Water purifier franchisee as a bridge to link water purifier brands and terminal operators, the importance of its role is self-evident. Whether the operation was successful is related to the water purifier brands to life and death in a regional market.

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