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   2018 water purifier market prospects to like? How much do water purifier to join the agency needed? Which brand of water purifier to join good? This is many entrepreneurs want to join the water industry would like friends asked the most questions. Water purifier brand Oumai Platini combined with years of experience in the water industry, and around the water purification market conditions made the following analysis:?

   how about the water purifier market prospects

   In recent years, water appliances industry upward potential flooding, mainly because with the rapid development of society, various types of water pollution layer the poor, pollution is getting worse. Water plant purification process and behind the old city water pipe network of secondary pollution caused by aging, the achievements of the development of household water purifiers today.

   water purifier to join more than how much money to be invested?

   Oumai Platini as water purifiers top ten brands, the most important "0 initial fee +0 margin" investment mode, just set first delivery of a quantity requirements, county agent 3 to 50,000 first delivery of the initial amount, for the first time to cooperate more containers, demonstrator, TDS pen, filters, exhibition stands, tents, arches, clothing, leaflets and other promotional manners both hands, free agent for the franchisee design store, water purifiers joined the store renovation cost reimbursement. Water purifier store opened the same day, Oumai Platini marketing director to bring marketing team assisted opened, water purifiers to help the country achieve the franchisee "not pressed inventory, financial risk 0" easily start.


   Platini water purifier to join Oumai What policy support?

   1. Brand policy support

   Oumai Platini to focus, innovative and pragmatic brand concept, product independent research and development, high-end unified VI brand image, brand has become a model for the industry to follow.

   2. The high profits support

   Oumai Platini production base covers an area of, of 50,000 square meters, the annual production capacity of more than 1.5 million units, 0 yuan initial fee, 0 fee, high in return, quick returns, won the years most popular brand agents and distributors in the world.

   3.100% return support

   as agents in the purchase of local products unsalable, Oumai Platini equivalent swap your hot products, truly 100% free returns.

   4. Exclusive Agent

   Oumai Platini always adhere to the exclusive areaActing mechanism, and by way of a distribution agreement promises the same area will not develop the secondary dealers, and cross-regional R & D center set up strict punishment policy, thereby enabling the legitimate rights and interests of each regional distributors are protected.

   5. strong market propaganda

   The company responsible for the countrys Baidu, 360, search dogs and other network launch, in cooperation with Sina, Netease, Sohu and other mainstream media, and potatoes, Youku, love Fantastic Art and other platforms do propaganda video. Finally agents nationwide with open terminal branding.

   6. Market operators support

   assist location, decoration design, planning, product training, market guidance, materials presented, management and operation training, experience 0 for 0-based dealer has more multi-policy assistance. .

   7 rebates, incentives

   agents in the first year is not practical tasks, a reasonable amount given task; annual sales tasks to complete, high-end manufacturers to give rebate, and establish an annual outstanding awards to encourage agents.

   8. Support

   to help dealers establish a perfect five-star service system, for the poor performance of agents, we will send the guidance of on-site observation of diagnosis, and propose solutions.

   water purification industry in the ascendant, is the most worthy of attention and investment on the domestic market of todays industry, but as the water purification industry franchisees and agents, from the need to serve the people of mind and love of publicity, abandon the idea of 鈥嬧€媠hort-term speculation. Prospective franchisee agent water purifier Ye Hao, the original proxy franchisee, it is all based on only the more solid play, the more prospects will be vast. Shenzhen Oumai Platini water purifier manufacturers, water purifiers top ten brands ranked, willing to work with the countrys water purification agents altogether and start making environmental protection of water purification.

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