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   plastic cups What is the harm to our bodies, we should be how to pay attention to this problem. Plastic products needed to live without the knowledge of this area we want a lot of control. Family drinking is inseparable from plastic cups.




plastic cups What is the harm to our bodies? How we should pay attention to this aspect of the problem? Required inseparable from life plastic products, most of which cups water safety knowledge in this area we have a lot to grasp, drinking water equipment is inseparable from plastic cups, plastic cups What is the harm?


In addition to plastic cups some chemicals will precipitate when heated, but also easy to breed bacteria. Though seemingly smooth plastic surface, but in fact there are many gaps, easy to filth. And in the office, people mostly only cleaning the cup washed with water, the cup can not be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Experts suggest that the office is best to use stainless steel cup or glass, must be cleaned every day, it is best to use detergent, and rinse with hot water.


In addition, the cup is affected computers, chassis, and other static electricity, will absorb more dust, bacteria, germs, a long time will affect their health. To this end, a comprehensive inspection department China National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for household appliances, household appliances Lu Jianguo, director of Institute of recommendations, preferably with a cup to Gail, and not near the computer and other electrical appliances, usually should maintain good indoor ventilation, ventilation windows, let dust go to waste.


with the knowledge of a lot of plastic products, we can find out more on knowledge. So drinking a small family knowledge, we must know more about. This is about our familys health.




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