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   The higher prices, poorer quality. This violation of the laws of the commercial value of the strange phenomenon is China water purifier industry staged crazy. This allows always believed in "a sub-price goods" in the high-end consumer groups fell below the eye. But only to see immediate profits, but they ignore the long-term development, and ultimately harm the sunrise period is in the water purification industry.

   A price is not a cargo. For China water purifier industry is concerned, it is this.

   Recently, CCTV "Weekly Quality Report" revealed, Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province, quality supervision departments commissioned by the quality inspection center for domestic hot household water purifiers conduct supervision and inspection. The results showed that the samples of 60 brands in paragraph 45, nearly half failed.

   Unlike in the past is that this sample results is "the more expensive it higher failure rate", priced at 2,500 yuan a water purifier failure rate as high as more than Liu Cheng. Involve Hansi Dun, Ya Mina, Liyan water, and rain Well, eight glasses of water, Rui Fen enjoy, Ai Mate, Yongguan many other brands. Among them, grace and rain and Hansi Dun two brands of water purifier a number of models of a number of indicators are substandard. Shocking truth.

   It is reported that Jiangsu quality supervision departments from 31 batches of samples in the procurement market, according to market price category, sales price below 1,500 yuan spot checks in 8 batches, 2 batches, failure rate 25%; price checks between 1500-2500 yuan 15 batches, nine batches, was 60%; the price of $ 2,500 or more checks in 8 batches, batches of 5, 62.5% failure rate. The test results in terms of price and performance is not proportional to the water purifier.

   Despite the market price of water purifiers, back to the sampling of 60 batches of substandard projects. 28 batches label instructions project failed, the failure rate of 46.7%. 11 batches of unlabeled health permit approval number, 19 batches of unlabeled performance standards, five batches of unlabeled water flow, 16 batches of unlabeled rated total net amount of water.

   On the surface, the culprit in the failure rate and other details of the description, the product appears to be independent of the performance itself. Thus it also raises a number of Jiaoyuan industry associations; in fact, this has long been a reflection of the water purification industry in the development of the biggest problems, ignoring industry standards, ignoring the interests of users, only consider their own interests. From another perspective, even a product descriptionBooks are not compliance, but also how to get consumers on key performance indicators of water purifier water purifier and so at ease? You know, the core spirit of the craftsmen is the attention to detail, rather than ignoring the details.

   Even independent water purification according to some people call "specification unqualified" quality water cleaner. However, if the in-depth comparison you can see, these instructions substandard water purifier, 11 batches of unlabeled health permit approval number, 19 batches of unlabeled performance standards, five batches of unlabeled water flow, 16 batches not rated total net amount of water mark. From a professional point of view, the high price of water purifiers is not a simple instructions on the label failed, but behind or not in accordance with national standards, or not get health permits batch number, can be said to "driving without a license . " How to make the user at ease. One of the biggest problems

   In fact, even put aside the instructions, put aside the product of national standards, industry standards, product performance and return on the core elements of this test found that the total water flow and water purification the amount of substandard. The water flow and the total net amount of water is reflected in the key indicators of performance and user purify water purifier to buy. Monitoring results show that the failure rate still water flow reached 18.3%, the total net amount of water failure rate as high as 31.7%. 9 effluent batches of samples in the total number of colonies indicators of failure, a failure rate of 15%, exceeding 20 times the worst quality. In other words, a user with substandard water purifier, but more water is not clean.

   Although this is just a routine quality inspection departments in Jiangsu market surveillance, is one example. However, look at the entire China water purifier market, this situation is not uncommon, it can be said to be endless.

   In 2013, the Council of household water purifier Sichuan comparing test, 70% of the samples failed; 2014, 33 batches of sampling AQSIQ purifier 48.1% failure rate, then Guangdong Bureau of Quality Supervision announced sampling results water purifier failure rate of 60%; in 2015, AQSIQ again for water purification machine state checks, the failure rate was 30%; Guangdong Inspection and Quarantine of imported household water purifier conduct random failure rate was 72.7%; Jiangsu Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau released the results of sampling water purifier failure rate of 75%; in 2016, comparing the test results of water purification machines Shanghai consumer protection Committee released data show that the failure rate of 45 %.

   In recent years, as Chinas household living standardsRapid promotion, in order to obtain better quality, healthy drink more water, more and more families start using the water purifier water purifier. But the water purification industry, product quality, but shocking. Continued pollution of water, resulting in water purifier on the market surge in business: to incomplete statistics, water purifier manufacturers have been more than 2000 (Statistics show that over 4500), and many more small brands majority, industry pattern undecided. Wei Planning Commission official website statistics, hold health permits approved water purifier manufacturing enterprises is only about 500. It can be said that over 70% of the water purifier business is undocumented streaking on the market, product quality can not guarantee.

   caused the main cause of the current mixed quality of our water purifier market, one manufacturer for the quality of the lifeline of the control level varies, especially a large number of unlicensed production enterprises to adopt outsourcing filter assembly, OEM process water purifier mode of production, resulting in a water purifier market was mixed; Second, many companies lack the most basic water purifier business integrity, in order to attract customers to buy, deliberately exaggerated labeling, not even free to mark the experiment, more or not marked, thereby inducing the consumer. This behavior is entirely based on the objective of maximizing benefits, it can be said to be one-shot deal.

   According to the commercial law of value, commodity prices reflect the value of the goods to a certain extent. People generally tend to think that the higher the price, quality and the better quality of goods. When people can not be judged from other indicators of quality or excessive commodity rather confused and often at the price as the criteria, that can not be wrong to buy expensive it!

   such as the face of large household appliances has been very mature industry, users generally accumulate enough "good products and good service should be like" experience. That users become more demanding, more and more difficult to retain. Users think that they can get the best experience, so also has the highest business requirements. When

   Currently, many household electrical appliance enterprises in the brains thinking how to improve the user experience in a multi-scene, water purification industry even the most basic quality requirements have not been resolved. Water purification industry in order to get healthy development, water purifier companies want a slice of the market has not really broke out, the interior must first be "clean", to have the most basic business bottom line, there are a number of research and development, manufacturing strength and influence in the enterprise to accelerate the integration of the black sheep, or if damage to the user, will be involvedThe entire industry.

   The good news is, the state also aware of the problem of water purification industry, recently the National Standards Commission officially launched the development of national standards for water purifiers, with emphasis on making clear provision for water purification devices and core structure. This is expected in the future will be the lack of technological innovation and production process behind the small plants will be shut out, the entire industry will also be some cleanup!

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