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   Now more and more families recognize the need for home drinking water purification, home needs means a water purifier, water purifier market slowly began to hot up, but not all water purification agents to join in profit, why water purifier sales will not ideal agents to join it? the most fundamental reason is that the market is not a good revenue model.



   Of course, each industry there are "a few happy tears" in the end is what makes water purifier market sales agents to join is not satisfactory? Fresh water add water purifier manufacturers spend a lot of time on this in-depth market research, found mainly in the following issues:

   1, mom and pop

   currently water purifier agency many of which are family-run shop, not his team, alone, this shop is the low labor cost advantage, but after all, their business is to make money, not to save money, no team, no adequate the use of resources around, definitely only be minor, sales do not increase.

   2, poor self-conscious, over-dependence on manufacturers

   rely on the support of manufacturers, the resource is not wrong, but do not over-rely on will produce Good results. As the water purifier agents, but also a business entities, many agents encountered a little small problem like to find manufacturers, such as product leaks, broken gadgets such small manufacturers are required to solve the problem, I ask, a very small problems can not be resolved after-sales agents, how to solve a big problem? as agents, should be constantly learning new technology to improve operational capacity, if the business is not familiar with the manufacturers of communication costs will be higher than sales costs , will give customers a bad impression.

   3, did not choose the right cooperation manufacturers

   water purification agents to join in the water industry in order to have a good development you need to select a suitable own water purifier brand, win at the starting line. Because of the need of a professional netWater heater manufacturers to correct marketing methods, the process of development of the industry, do not know how many people out of the competition in this industry, they look back at the road traveled and found the cause of the failure has one thing in common, that is, too blind! whether in selecting water purifier brand, or in the operation of the water purifier market, blindly follow the trend and imitation is the end point of fatal road of clean water. Not have their own ideas and creativity.

   plus fresh water purifiers to quality and product development side first, 10 years to get the pin consumers have been well received in the market, but also establish a professional brand image, win customers reputation benefits.

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