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   HC straight drinking fountains water purification network is the birth of new products in recent years, on the basis of the original fountain on further improving performance, so that our home life of drinking water has become more convenient and healthy. Straight drinking fountains work diagram you read it? Straight drinking fountains works is actually not very complicated, today Xiaobian take you to find out information about good water dispensers. Water dispensers water dispensers what works its working principle is sampled by the temperature sensor of the ambient temperature automatic, real-time monitoring, the control circuit starts the control when the ambient temperature is higher than the set value, may be provided to control backlash. The temperature rise also, when the temperature limit alarm set point raised, starting limit alarm function. When temperature control can not be effectively controlled in order to prevent destruction of the device can also be stopped by tripping the device continues running. Mainly used in the power sector using a variety of low voltage switch cabinet, dry-type transformers, box-type substation and other related fields of use temperature.

   The main role of straight drinking fountains

   In Europe, the vast majority of cases is the boiler thermostat must accessories, both with a simultaneous delivery of a user, and mostly equipped with thermostat is intelligent temperature device. In China, drinking fountains have been installed and run simple or smart thermostat installation and commissioning of the boiler is intended for the use of nearly 95% with no antecedent in any form. The room is equipped with heating system thermostat especially smart thermostat, is the most important part of a comprehensive energy-saving heating system in a very prominent.

   water dispensers life

   thermostat is widely used in a variety of household electrical appliances which, such as refrigerators, water dispensers, water heaters, coffee makers. Mass thermostat water dispensers directly affect the safety, performance, service life, is a critical element. Among the many technical indicators among thermostat, life expectancy is one measure of temperature control products the most important technical indicators. Standard appliances, thermostats life is at least 10,000 times, part of the appliance, such as refrigerators in which the motor control - the compressor thermostat, some of the liquid-filled radiator thermostat life requires at least 100,000 times. Household thermostat corresponding standard life test done thermostat detailed provisions.


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