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   Now the problem of water pollution, the pollution "heavy metal wastewater" is particularly severe waste containing heavy metal wastewater refers cadmium, nickel, mercury and the like, of which "mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium, chromium," referred to in the environmental community as the "top five." They are odorless and colorless "invisible pollution", although extremely difficult to be found in everyday life, but extremely harmful to the environment and human health.


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   is a step by step how heavy metal contamination of water sources? What about the health What is the impact? Xiaobian take everyone together to find.

   Heavy Metals from?

   refers to a heavy metal wastewater discharged waste water containing heavy metals mining and metallurgy, machine building, chemicals, electronics, instrumentation and other industrial processes. It a most serious environmental pollution and harm to humans, one of the largest industrial wastewater, water quality and water quantity related to the production process.

   In the early years, because the response "treatment after pollution" the call for national and local economic development, completely ignoring the pollution of the environment. Heavy metals through mining, smelting and processing, indiscriminate discharge of chemical waste, misuse of pesticides and fertilizers, household waste and other man-made pollution, coupled with geological erosion and weathering, the heavy metal is buried into the ground or directly into rivers and lakes. Water Pollution

   caused by heavy metal pollution, causing a serious threat to the safety of drinking water faced. Heavy metals as arsenic, cadmium, lead, chromium, mercury and other highly toxic substances, even if there is a one hundred million or even one billion molecules of a molecule in drinking water, also pose a threat to peoples health. A few tons of chemical companies even if emissions exceeded wastewater could contaminate a river.

   how heavy metals affect human health?

   Then, the contact or accidentally drinking a heavy metal waste, what happens then? Sick now? In fact, heavy metal buried in the land of twelve It may not cause too much harm to the human body within the year. It has an incubation period, a very short period of time can not easily be found.

   This part of wastewater containing heavy metals enter the body through two ways: First, vegetables and crops, heavy metals into the plants, people long-term use of food contaminated with heavy metals is likely to lead to heavy metal poisoning; the second is to penetrate the soil of heavy metals entering surface water or groundwater, rivers and lakes so that if theres fish was heavy metalPollution, people eat fish or drink this water, heavy metal enters the human body.

   is particularly important, easy to combine with other heavy metal toxins in water generate more toxic organic compounds accumulate in certain organs of the body, causing chronic poisoning. At the same time, due to the small amount of highly toxic heavy metal pollution has long-term accumulation of harmful lifelong, irreversible, invisible killer, and so difficult to guard against the fundamental characteristics of our country for the safety of drinking water pose a great hazard, especially for childrens health and development of a serious threat.

   heavy metal wastewater harm to human health

   China due to the heavy metal pollution in the first few decades, so that all aspects of heavy metal already exists in life, that heavy metal pollution is a full range of human attack, you say do not eat fruits and vegetables and fish, but you can not drink, it can be said that once the heavy metal pollution in large-scale outbreak no one spared out.

   wherein, harmful to human body there are five toxins: lead, mercury, chromium, arsenic, cadmium.

   heavy metals in drinking water exceeded, usually after about 10 years of accumulation, will enter the high incidence of the disease. China now has 160 million people suffering from cancer each year, nearly 1.3 million people died of cancer, accounting for one-fifth of the number of deaths, it was expected that Chinese cancer deaths will increase by 1 times 20 years.

   Data show that Chinas drinking water safety issues in particular heavy metal pollution caused particularly serious, and there is increasing area, intensive outbreak of the trend, not only the emergence of a number of "cancer villages", major fatal accidents continuous pollution and spread to the downstream in the form of the food chain, has been a serious threat to the safety of our drinking water, such as a powerful and effective measures are not taken, there will be 40 million people face the threat of cancer.

   how to deal with waste water pollution of heavy metals?

   As a consequence of heavy metals in waste water pollution is very serious, in addition to the need to strengthen governance at the national and government level, individuals should pay more attention in life, in order to ensure safety of drinking water.

   In one aspect, air, soil and water are each cycle of heavy metal contaminants, typically in the presence of ionic state, it spreads through the water, the ground and underground, air diffusion quickly. A big rain may bring contaminated a large area. Therefore, in the vicinity of the city or industrial area, be sure to pay attention to water safety, avoid excessive drinking contaminated water as much as possible.

   On the other hand, in view of the severity of industrial pollution and water pollution in our country, to develop household water purifier, water purification equipment to large-scale downsizing, in every household, health, water quality, guaranteed drinking water, it It is essential to life. (Source: HC purification network)

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