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   water purification filters need regular replacement

   with the related sewage waste-water treatment, sewage and other pollution of irrigation water to fight the reports hit the newspapers from time to time, consumers are increasingly worried about drinking water safety. Measures on improving the quality of domestic water from time to time arise, consumers start shopping for home use water purifier.

   For home use water purifier filter out impurities, poisons, bacteria, viruses, chlorine, chemicals (benzene, organophosphorus, acetone, ether, etc.), heavy metals (cadmium, lead, mercury, chromium, arsenic, etc.) it does play an important role. At present, the water purifier in the region can not provide tap water and water quality can not be use to convince the public of the region is the beginning of a lot of growth. For urban water supply, but also effectively solve the "last kilometer" contaminated tap water because the factory pipeline causes, as well as piping used in home decoration (Shuiju) and other "last meter" pollution. Although the water purifier has been accepted by consumers, but because of the design principles and maintenance and other reasons, the effect is quite different.

   cartridge replacement intervals





   The filter cartridge replacement is not expired, not only the water purification effect is difficult to guarantee, itself may also become a secondary source of pollution.

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