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Since most of the world there is a serious water pollution, water shortages exacerbated the problem, especially safe water drinking water. Traditional water treatment methods can not guarantee to provide good quality drinking water, but also in the water supply process often there is a problem of secondary pollution. Therefore, various brands of water purifiers came into being, and a variety of filtration methods and water purifier filter material used is also different, because there is such pollution, which makes the water purifier market outlook is quite good.


is a water purifier is in the rise of the gold industry, but for now the whole industry considerable confusion among market, more than 4,000 large and small, which are very embrace speculation the idea to enter the market. It may be a period of time to make a small play disappeared. Once those agents of these brands of agents that time if that happens might miserable. According Preview Industrial Research Institute released "2014--2018 Chinas water purifier industry market analysis and forward-looking investment planning report" shows: the next few years will greatly improve the strength of the popularity of water purifier, the price of this there may be some volatility and good brand awareness will be popular, certainly there will be many imperfections companies will not survive, so the agents in the choice of brand when really must be careful.


However, the design and manufacture Zhenti water purifier is a comprehensive science and technology. Design principles of good performance of the water purifier should the sake of users. On quality characteristics of each region, the organic pollution along the Yangtze River and serious personnel densely populated areas, villages and towns all over the country and small businesses and the use of groundwater water areas there are problems of bacterial contamination. Therefore, only a portion of good quality water purifier able to adapt to different water quality across the country, so water purifier manufacturers should be based on water quality conditions in different regions, carefully designed to adapt to different water sources, but a good deal with the effect of water purifiers.


In recent years, with the improvement of living standards, Chinese residents drinking habits gradually is changing: from the simple to buy bottled drinking water, bottled drinking water, to todays self-use water purifiers direct processing of pure water, the pursuit of quality of drinking water has become a content people to improve the quality of life.


At present, the United States, Japan and other countries and Taiwan, our home water purifier penetration rate has reached 70%. Data shows that while in China, the current net Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou,Family owned water rate less than 5%, many people believe that the domestic home water purifier market has hundreds of billions of market space for at least a year, unlimited business opportunities. Huge market opportunities attracted many participants. In the 21st century, the United States, Gree, Kelon, TCL and other large home appliance brands have to enter the water purifier market. The purifier still does not have a national standard, enterprise fragmentation. Coupled with the water purification industry low barriers to entry, many small family workshops enterprises have joined the herd, resulting in industry production management disorderly state.

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