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   playing with the phone, to see such a message, the staff of the nursery rope tied to a child with a dog, they walk in front of the children playing in the back, hands and knees are a little broken skin, and the more children climbing cry, the crowd could not stand, ready alarm, saying that this is abuse! many people have left the tears, feel distressed for the child.

   to see this news, I was instantly angry, there will be a wonderful thing how such a cruel thing, what is the childs parents authorized, as a mother, I do not believe this will are parents nod thing.

   I do not know the childs parents to see their children when abuse is like walking the dog, like my heart is how to think of others, but, after the children grow up, to see what they have been treated this way, and my heart is certainly not healthy and even hateful.


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   we should be concerned about childrens health, not only physical health, and mental health. Known to be as early as possible, but also to educate their children as early as possible. Only healthy growth of children, is the greatest happiness of the parents. So how can the children grow up healthy it?

   look around us, water pollution, air pollution, and so on become more serious white pollution, especially water pollution. Water is the source of our life, the quality of water determines the quality of the body. As parents, we must pay attention to childrens drinking water health problems.

   Many parents ask, we live in tap water is not very clean? Clean? Once again turn on the tap without water, what do you see?! Is full of silt or muddy water, tap to four or five for minutes before held the outflow of water. However, the water really clean?

   The answer is not necessarily! When tap water factory is qualified, however, the water flows through the pipes, and some have been very old, full of rust, then when the terminal clients home, when the water is not factory-fresh tap water.

   So, how to protect our drinking water health, maintaining a healthy childs drinking it? Many families chose to install a water filter to purify drinking water at home. You know, water purifier can filter tap water rust, sediment, eggs and so on. Water purifier, but also you a glass of healthy water.

   for the children, please install a home water purifier bar, water purifier, although not cure, but can guard our drinkWater, health, drinking water gives the children a healthy environment, to give children a healthy childhood.

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