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   With the support of national and continuously improve farmers income, but also makes the degree of attention to rural drinking water health awareness increasing, compared to twelve cities now, do better in the promotion of four-tier cities and rural effect, in rural areas is no longer a water purifier industry Silent Hill, but a fertile ground for hope. Who can pre-empt it work, who will be able to get clean water in rural wealth opportunities. Then, as water purifiers to join, how did you grasp the wealth of opportunities in the rural market to break new ground it?

   First, choose the right product

   for the rural market, selecting the right local products. Subject to the level and way of life, the pursuit of rural consumers in different aspects of the product, and some large families, need to buy a large capacity, and some at home with young children, need to buy for infants, toddlers, and some local water is not Like, also require different water purifier, but as long as it can be changed to protect the health safety of drinking water purifier will be more easily accepted by consumers. Mai local conditions to develop water purification products based on water quality in different parts of China, more in line with Chinese residents drinking habits.

   Second, promote water pollution hazard

   First, water purifiers in rural areas is still much publicity, a lot of people have not been exposed to water purifiers. First, can run ads on local TV stations, we can also send publicist for drinking water in rural areas a wide range of health literacy. Combined with the local pollution situation of the villagers of publicity, so that the villagers understand the importance of healthy drinking water. Focusing on the villagers understand the importance of drinking water and around the water pollution degree of health, and the need to buy water purifier.

   Third, the brand image

   brand card manufacturers, is the golden key to open the market. Brand awareness reflects the popularity of the products in the market, higher visibility of the brand is wider consumer awareness, more likely to be public acceptance and recognition. Therefore, water purifiers franchisees must be willing to invest in branding, so that more people know that they have the location of such a water purifier brand. Mai purifier endorsement by the Jordan Chan, the annual CCTV advertising, even have a certain reputation in remote rural areas, the county seat, to a certain extent in the process of publicity agents can dispel the concerns of consumers.

   Fourth, good after-sales

   the communication between the resident neighbors in rural areas are the most common, and therefore water purification agents to join should be finishedGood after-sales service to win the trust of the villagers. For example, an aunt need to talk to change the filter, a household water purifier no water, agents should help solve the first time, also can be timely presented some small gifts such as pots and pans and the like, a good pull near the feelings between businesses and villagers. Only consumer satisfaction and recognition, we can cause long-term development, water purifier is not a one-time consumption, the sale of the latter filter can also bring big profits, and improve after-sales is more important is the good reputation of the harvest, so that the belt to more customers.

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