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   hot water industry, to many investors indicates a new business direction. But Agent is a water purifier to be very prudent thing, once the wrong choice is likely to lose everything, add fresh water Investors are advised to carefully consider the following points.



   First, the brand is the first element

   choice than to choose a good brand of entrepreneurs play a very important advocacy role. The franchisee support and training, as well as products, service attention to the situation, hard and soft power of convergence, and lay a solid foundation for a bright future water purifier market operations. Choose a relatively high profile brand, product sales for the latter problems are a great role in promoting.

   Second, the production technology is floor

   Mao said "no investigation, no voice" for the water purifier to the manufacturers He said no production technology no right to speak. Throughout the major appliance brands compete for market ultimately it relies on technology. For water purification agents operating in the process, we must strictly examine the companys product quality. As the saying goes is the product quality and the vitality of enterprises, this is the most I will not go into details, the only agency to remind you friend is, when looking at the water purifier brand companies must pay attention to whether the full license, especially qualified products inspection and quarantine certificates and certificates of health authorities, and water this document. The second is the agent process to choose what kind of product, the choice of selling the demand for products is a key factor in the success of the agency.

   Third, supporting policies is the key to

   do not think the mere single-handedly put the water purification agents to join a good job, manufacturers support efforts to develop is our advantage. Therefore, the choice of the manufacturers to consider, and water purifier manufacturers in the Join process also requires overall planning to ensure that water purification agents operating in the process, can successfully develop new markets, good marketing.

   Fresh water is added purifier manufacturers that, in the water purifier manufacturers engagementAs in need of more multi-path channel sales, strengthen efforts to support franchisees, mainly reflected in: store decoration support costs, lots of advertising, network promotion, marketing program planning support, so that dealers worry-free agent easy to seize the market.

   plus fresh water after years of development, has explored a successful marketing experience from market experience, will add fresh water has been pursuing efforts to support water purification agents franchisee philosophy, agents can be in every stage of our bigger and stronger, to create their own wealth, to the path to success

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