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   accompanied by frequent water pollution incidents in recent years, water purifier market was on fire, expected future market "money scene" is very broad. Then, as a proxy agent wants water purification products of how to choose a suitable water purifier brand?

   a, reliable, safe and secure most important

   is different from general merchandise purifier, water purifier is to be relevant to the users life and health, announced the "Chinese water according to the Consumers Association electrical environment survey "shows that there is nearly 70% water purifier product failure situation. So choose a brand agent, reliable, safe and secure is the most important, it is the first concern.

   Second, if there is quality guarantee

   If the agent is not brand quality assurance, as local agents recipe for disaster. In particular, such as water purification products, it may look similar, but internal users can not see, but the quality difference is great. Poor quality, the user buy back a few months of quality problems, and ultimately bad or dealer or retailer. So how brands have quality protection? Line brands, of course quality assured, but some brands are mostly "unofficially crowned" the. How does it quality of how some of the lesser-known brands judgment? Xiao Bian that give preference to well-known brands and export the background of the companys products, these companies have advanced production equipment and perfect quality management system, but also by the well-known brand harsh layers of detection, but also through the many years of consumer use the verification. Exports but there is a variety of complex certification to ensure reliable product quality. If there is no quality assurance in water purification business is no living space. Because the well-known brand to do OEM business, their only competitive advantage is high-quality products. Choose OEM and export background of the companys products, product quality is certainly no problem.

   Third, the product is innovative, whether there are differences of, compliance with industry trends and social development

   The ultimate goal of marketing still find the users needs, with a good product to meet him final competition or product. In the product homogeneity serious today, if there is no innovation, it is difficult to survive in the market. Apples product has been very popular because of his products to meet the needs of the fashion group. How to innovate? Must be based on the needs of users as the center of innovation. With innovation, there is a difference, there will be something unique, will letEasy to impress consumers. For example, country and the world are now in the propaganda of low-carbon, energy-saving. More and more people also recognize the importance of low-carbon on the Earth and humanity, both energy and low-carbon products will certainly be more and more popular with consumers. But also from national policy-oriented, energy subsidies, such as tax leverage to encourage the purchase of low-carbon energy-saving products. This product is the development potential of the product, this brand also has a development potential of the brand. As the agent is to have some forward-looking, just prior to the opponent the opportunity to find and seize the opportunity to succeed.

   Fourth, if there is to do business brand of determination and courage

   to build a brand is a long-term and require a huge investment project, there is no certain determination and strength, they tend to fall by the wayside. First, whether a company has the strength, if it is only by OEM front company, it would be difficult financial strength and product strength, support building a brand. So before going to his agent a certain brand of the company site visits. Through field visits enterprise software and hardware facilities, companies do have the strength, the boss also made a commitment to do the brand, this is possible next step of cooperation. Re-examine the specific trader, whether an operating brand experience, the team is stable. If professional managers may be difficult to say stable, due to problems with the bosss idea or substandard performance, it is easy to leave the whole management team. This is a growing company, it may be drowned. So critical to the stability of the team management.

   With this comprehensive survey of four points as a guarantee, water purifier brand proxy chance of success, there is a nine out of. A good brand is the need to discover the eye, we should look for a firm grip once, even if the difficulties encountered in the development of the brand, but also firm support. Because the development of anything is not easy. "Adversity shows insight" brand will put such agents as their core dealers. The only way to grow together as agents and brand.

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