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household water purifiers to join the agency needs what conditions, this is a problem for water purification industry and interested friends are concerned. In fact, this problem is simple, have different answers depending on the brand agency requirements are, the greater the corresponding requirements of influential brand in any industry will be higher, and vice versa low. Household water purification agents joined simply conditions the following two aspects:




1, its strength agents. Responsible home water purifier brand manufacturers, not blindly issuing qualified agents. Agents will generally aligned with a corresponding study. From the agents sales channels, marketing experience, economic conditions, investment funds and other aspects of assessment.


2, first delivery amount (payment for purchases). Each brand has a delivery capacity limit of the first, and generally do not need to deposit initial fee. First delivery amount be adjusted according to economic level Acting area. Of course, agents, distributors, wholesalers, these different levels of the first delivery volume will be different.


above we can see that household water purifiers to join the agencys conditions are not harsh, but easily won the right to water purification agents, water purifiers shop on good business requires patience and insisted. Water purification agents need more learning, more practice, efforts to improve shop in the local market share.

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