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   In 1998, the Swedish furniture retail giant IKEA in China Xuhui District, Shanghai opened the first store, since launched in China 20 years of development. Relevant statistics, as of August 31, 2018, IKEA has 43 outlets in Asia, where in China the layout of the 26, more than half the proportion of the layout of sufficient importance of the Chinese market appear to IKEA, IKEA also means that the Chinese market has sufficient temptation.


   In 1998, the Swedish furniture retail giant IKEA in China Xuhui District, Shanghai opened the first store, since launched in China 20 years of development. Relevant statistics, as of August 31, 2018, IKEA has 43 outlets in Asia, where in China the layout of the 26, more than half the proportion of the layout of sufficient importance of the Chinese market appear to IKEA, IKEA also means that the Chinese market has sufficient temptation.

   and IKEAs most distinctive is its own marketing scene. IKEAs marketing scene much peer envy, from its kitchen, bathroom, living room to the bedroom, from large to small furniture, furniture, layout on the details of the scene also won the praise of many consumers. Therefore, IKEA has become the main battlefield of the next line.

   Interestingly, the giant under this line has recently happened in the field of electronic business is not small, February 14, the British "Financial Times" reports indicate that Ikea is planning to launch an online sales platform, not only sell their products, but also offer online sales channel for other products. Preliminary test operation is planned in the Amazon and Alibaba these electronic business platform, do a test first sale.

   say, IKEA in China market is full of plans to fully enter the field of electronic business? But one thing be clear, electricity supplier in the first half of the race was over, Zhang potential layout IKEA now, it is not it seems a bit late child?

   IKEA layout electricity supplier: test the water failed, attitude is not positive

   Internet and national life has now inseparable, in the blessing of the Internet, Chinas trade market has undergone enormous changes in the Internet decades of development ripening electricity supplier.

   public information, IKEA has conducted business electricity supplier in some European countries in 2012. 2016 business electricity supplier to the global expansion of 28 markets, 14 regions, IKEA September of that year in the Chinese market but also try to run electricity provider business, to testin Shanghai. In the same year in Wenzhou, China also opened its first "Order Center", located downtown, many people think that this is IKEA China to increase the performance of the electricity supplier layout.

   Its a large-scale development of the electricity supplier in terms of penetration still has some breakthroughs, but on the whole have little effect. 2016 reported a year IKEA electricity supplier online business growth of more than 30%, but less than 4% of total revenue, so the future development of online IKEA electricity supplier there is huge room.

   Then in 2017, IKEA China in Shanghai launched the electricity supplier APP, but consumers can not only browse online to make a purchase, even had to rely on "domestic purchasing" to meet consumer line at IKEA stores missing demand. Such behavior in a way so that consumers do not actively follow up the attitude of IKEA China electricity supplier dissatisfaction. After all, within the limits of time and space, there are still many consumers want to be able to keep up with the pace of IKEA China electricity supplier era, and improve the shopping experience online.

   However, the result is not too wishful, although IKEA China already have to enter the electricity business meaning, but the road is not easy to go up and fall behind Ikea seems to be no positive meaning electricity supplier. A direct result of this result is that restricted the development of IKEA in China, consumers can not keep up the concept, consumers will be lost. In other words, the operation of IKEA in China to carry out electricity supplier business is too cautious.

   Moreover, in todays China market, the development of the electricity supplier has brought unprecedented dividends of electricity supplier has become almost sign of the times, businesses are looking for an opportunity, hoping to fit with the Internet electric business . IKEA living in traditional Chinese home industry, is also marketing, it is easy to understand their electricity supplier is in need.

   Therefore, IKEA China to enter the field of electronic business is a reflection of market trends, but more than IKEA all kinds of behavior tend to test the water, it can not be called a comprehensive restructuring electricity supplier. In short, they did not test the water several times to reach a comprehensive electricity supplier, IKEA China has lost the initiative.

   Further, the layout of the electricity supplier, which is the key stream. However, IKEA China began to enter the electricity supplier The second half innings and local brands Jingdong, Alis logistics system has been created, IKEA China on the establishment of the logistics system is slightly difficult.

   IKEA China knot: the logistics system is not mature enough

   Although IKEA ChinaWe do cheap deals in commodity prices, but still bear the freight own way of being criticized. From the analysis of consumer psychology, many people prefer to do more on consumer goods, is not willing to pay the extra freight.

   Moreover, the logistics as an important part of the online shopping experience, immaturity if its logistics system, consumers shopping desires will be significantly reduced. But IKEA China has been creating awareness of the logistics system. It is understood that IKEA plans to open around the world in 30 small stores, logistics and investment and digitized.

   The IKEA China and the Amazon and Alibaba cooperation will be a new breakthrough, after all, good customer service is an effective way to create profits. But having said that, although a little pressure reduction through cooperation with third parties to give IKEA China, however, Jingdong logistics, improve the logistics system is Ali rookie IKEA China currently can not reach, and it is difficult to cross the gully.

   Moreover, household logistics and general logistics are not the same, the risk of large pieces of furniture in transit to bear much higher than general merchandise. In other words, IKEA China is still a long road to go electricity supplier logistics.

   In logistics, it is understood bulky goods or the use of IKEA Chinas own truck logistics system, less than 30 kg, no more than one meter of packaging small items you chose to work with third-party courier company. IKEA China had to have worked with Amazon and other third parties, but it is understood that a small parcel courier arrive 3 days, while large distribution is required seven days, which no advantage compared with domestic Jingdong, SF and other strong distribution capabilities.

   Comparative domestic mature Jingdong, Netease, Ali these Internet electric business, as the traditional home retail brand IKEA embrace large-scale electronic business platform is the right choice (recently outside rumors IKEA China will achieve cooperation with Ali, but the news has not been confirmed).

   But to be clear, self-built electric IKEA China and logistics will be a very difficult path. Coupled with the presence of IKEA China can not solve the logistics problems is one thing, and intense competition in the retail market the new home is another matter. In short, this will be a protracted battle for market share.

   home new retail battle intensified

   IKEA China in the second half of the electricity supplier was a big movement lineup electricity supplier, in fact, competition is no longer just between the electricity supplier in the second half of pure electricity supplierThe new retail competition has become the hot new thing now.

   Chinas retail market demand for home only to rise, but the Chinese market this fat is also China IKEA opponents staring. IKEA is different, their attitude toward electricity supplier is very positive. Which actually home, Macalline were jointly Ali, Tencent and other Internet giants overweight new retail, assigned by the Internet giants attempt to explore new retail.

   related statistics, actually home during the 2018 double eleven broke through 12 billion in sales, after Meikailong strategic cooperation with Tencent first big promotion double eleven turnover exceeded the national mall 16 billion yuan. While relying on self-built electric providers IKEA just Photo Gallery and provide logistics and distribution, and reap big rival double eleven consumers scenes, the belated IKEA China seem primitive and simple. Therefore, the rigid ways of operating to IKEA China is extremely constrained.

   In addition, NetEase NetEase carefully selected, Alis home has a very large number of household products, IKEA and the diversion of consumer groups on many Internet users accustomed to the online platform by the IKEA culture. However, a very limited number of stores IKEA, especially in less affluent cities penetration, coupled with consumers online contact surface is relatively narrow, double attack traditional rivals and cable Internet providers opponent, IKEA China does have some panic a.

   IKEA China incoming electricity supplier to remedy the situation does have a point meaning, however, is the lack of electricity business experience but make it very troublesome problem. Pondering its own, it would be an olive branch to China Internet electric business, so there will be "IKEA + millet" screen cooperation.

   November 28 last year, IKEA announced a strategic cooperation with millet, Ikea Chinas full line of intelligent lighting products will millet access platform. This is the first collaboration with IKEA Chinese Internet companies, the cross-border cooperation has become an important breakthrough IKEA China to carry out electricity supplier.

   In short, the battle of the home retail business, whether on the battlefield or a new retail electricity battlefield, IKEA China should actively act.

   experience or wisdom of the scene to help IKEA China pulled one

   But having said that, the electricity supplier bonus has been cut back, IKEA China go directly to the next step in a new retail road not a bad idea?

   IKEA Chinas own experience scenes of strong genesIt is true, but the timing of incoming electricity supplier is late for sure. Its competition has been completed to divide the electricity supplier market, it would be combined with new ways sustained retail wisdom, science and technology, on the basis of new retail scene based on experience.

   Its the most attractive thing a user, it is precisely its high-quality consumer experience. IKEA advantage is that optimize the supply chain to reduce costs, but these advantages are mostly based on the completion of offline channels, how to copy the line is a big problem. Although the online channel to save the cost of store expansion, but self-built logistics of high labor costs and technology costs are issues to be considered, and is likely to see returns in the short term.

   Moreover, consumers still prefer the production of high quality low price at IKEA supply chain of goods, it is clear that online sales either cost of goods, or visual effects will have some impact. Therefore, based on the line at IKEA scene experience advantage, if the IKEA build cost self-built electric providers, appropriate direction to go towards new retail intelligence, science and technology, and may be able to achieve cost efficiency and effect.

   Moreover, consumer scene constitutes a key factor in consumers to buy, this is IKEA decades ago has been realized. And how will the scene of the scene consumer consumption into wisdom, you have to test it carried out the upgrading of Things technology for the traditional scene. Because only the science and technology of modern information technology into the home scene, home to improve the intelligence scene scenes in order to make the scene more attractive, stimulating consumer demand.

   Therefore, IKEA should re-examine their position in China, we make good use of their own advantages, combined with the development trend of the Chinese market to adjust marketing strategy.

   In general, home store traffic is split across channels interception, how to seize the flow of a new wave of IKEA and the world is the great challenge facing the industry traditional home store. So it seems, Chinas current market environment does not allow IKEA too cautious.

   IKEA China into China for 21 years, the past immutable way of doing things has become a fatal factor restricting the development of IKEA China, therefore, IKEA should recognize their own strengths and weaknesses, and market positioning. Fortunately, the stage was set for a new retail, IKEA China can seize the opportunity to sing praises tricks, wisdom, experience high degree of scene or an important factor to break into.

   (Source: billion euros net, invasion deleted)

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