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   ultrafiltration many families prefer to choose a home water purification equipment, good quality water purifier needs the proper use and maintenance, in order to really protect drinking water health. Now, Xiao Bian gave you talk about the use of ultrafiltration machine and maintenance.


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the proper use of ultrafiltration machine routine maintenance, unavoidably (Photo from Internet)

   ultrafiltration machine to use

   1, the first ultrafiltration unit

   first use a water filter, the water purifier should open into the valve switch, then ultrafiltration (water purifier) 鈥嬧€媡aps open, water flows out of the faucet to be rinsed you can use the normal 15-20 minutes. Daily use, open the faucet water filter can be used normally, there is a small amount of water may be the case membrane filter clogging, waste water valve can be opened to wash, you can also call the companys telephone service arrangements related to professional chefs home repair .

   2, an emergency without water

   The ultrafiltration unit should be closed inlet valve, to prevent rust in water, sediment and other runoff when entering the water purifier, ultra blocked filters, the inflow conduit should open the impurities to be washed away after ordinary tap water purifier inlet valve opens.

   3, due to reasons such travel being not

   should switch off ultrafiltration inlet valve, when the disable reused more than 3 days before the sewage should be rinsed, to open the tap water purifier after washing for 15-20 minutes before normal use.

   Maintenance ultrafiltration unit

   to open the inlet valve faucet pipe line, power, pressing the flush button of the control panel computer (manual flushing models: manual flush ball valve open) In this case the high pressure pump is started, the waste water discharge start, to start the automatic washing filter levels;

   after the automatic cleaning (manual flushing models: rinse 2 minutes, rinse off the manual ball valve), re-pressing the flush button , washed again (as the case may be repeatedly flushed water purifier) 鈥嬧€?/p>

   now more and more serious water pollution, there is a water purifier blessing to human beings. The proper use and maintenance of water purifiers, home drinking water is an important condition for ensuring health and safety.

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