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   "I was just try holding the mentality, to get the water purifier store salesperson to help me replace it, really did not think I changed." January 19 afternoon, members of the public to take a lady to exchange the water machine for business integrity and quality service Hansi Dun water purification agents expressed great satisfaction.

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   at the end of September, Ms. Hansi Dun franchise stores in Changsha, Hunan, a mall Hansi Dun water purifier. Spent 1,200 yuan to buy a central water purification products, spent three months have been feeling very well. Recently a guest at a friends house. They are also home to install Hansi Dun water filter, but they can be directly installed home heating water machine, very brisk placed in the living room. And turn on the power to quickly heat the water. Now that winter is easy to drink very hot water. Also do not always buy bottled water. For this reason Ms also want to buy a water purifier. Ms. Yu said: ".. When had to buy water purifier, the salesperson recommended me this product when the weather is not cold, but I do not understand wanted to buy a water purifier not expensive try" 12 month, she has been considering to replace it, it had to buy water purifier when the salesperson is to say one year replacement, three-year warranty and lifetime maintenance. But the home water purifier is not failure, it took more than three months, it is estimated will not give me change. Ms. Yu frankly: "If I do business, so I would not change the situation."

   19 afternoon, Ms. Yu has come to this house Hansi Dun water filter franchise stores, initially want to buy in. Ms. go directly to a friend about her in there to see that water purifier. Model is HSD-75E-09 price is 3210 yuan. Women should talk to the salesperson to understand a bit of this water purification products, introduce the salesperson to hear more and more satisfaction. She took her idea to also want to replace the salesperson. Unexpectedly, the salesperson directly back to her:. "You can change ah, we can this year is a year of replacement, as long as you make up the difference and installation costs can be a" lady in a very happy afternoon it was replace. Installation fee is not expensive to 20 dollars. At that time Ms thanked Hansi Dun franchise store owner said, "Although there is no water purifier like this fault requires very little change with circumstances, but for the sake of customers or try to, but fortunately did not let her down."

   who does not stand, no letter of fashion, half without the letter does not exist. Hansi Dun water purification agents in Changsha, Hunan Ma told reporters, "Hansi Dun water purificationIs a water purifier business, "one of the old" name brand, we have always insisted on good faith as the Founding of the fundamental, to build corporate brand integrity, and provide consumers with more services, over the years, in the minds of consumers and establish a good image, by the majority of consumers and trust. users in Changsha, particularly, often have this or that problem, we will stand on the customers perspective to help them solve the problem, so let them satisfaction, so as to better serve you, so that people can feel at ease in Changsha buy our water purification products, so that more people can drink clean water.

   Ms. Yu is a language teacher, she I think good things should be commended, so she wrote a letter of thanks sent Hansi Dun Corporation. Hansi Dun water purifier Corporation Changsha agents also rewarded for this outstanding performance. to represent the company agents strict compliance with the companys requirements, kind of citation honest and trustworthy behavior.

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