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   With the improvement of peoples consumption level of life, while the major news media have exposed water pollution problems, there are more cancer problem because many rural drinking water problems caused by worse China, so more and more people safe water for life. Kitchen appliances has always been an important part of home appliances, water purifier now also increasingly become an indispensable part of kitchen appliances. Today, Chinas water purifier market is also contending, various brands at every price point is more dazzling, do not buy would not work, buy do not know which to choose. ?



   then the factors that determine the price of water purifiers, what does today, let us say something about that:

   the market a common kitchen water is divided into water machine (RO unit), and ultrafiltration are two kinds of water machine and generally more expensive than ultrafiltration, precision filtration expensive than ultrafiltration. However, even if the same is pure water, the price of different brands of distance is not small. We will go to water machine, for example, a brief analysis is also why the price of pure water from so much of it

   1, RO membrane filter:? Also known as reverse osmosis membranes, we are I know that this is the center of the filter water machine. ? So next, RO membrane filter is good or bad how different it is from the main filter and use precision to measure the number of life, the general quality is not too bad, the quality of clearance RO membrane using 1--3 years time what is not problem, RO membrane filter can make the water after reaching the relevant norms of the state health department; if it is poor quality RO membrane, the cost is relatively much lower, but this is not only RO membrane filtration accuracy is low, and simply plug bet, causing the machine no water, use of a shorter life spans; third, RO water through the membrane can be divided into the size of, for example, are common 50G, 75G, 100G, 200G, 400G, etc., generally the larger the amount of water through the RO membrane, the higher the cost, the higher the price.

   2. Other filter: generally refers to the addition of the RO membrane filter, such as PP cotton, granular activated carbon, compressed activated carbon, activated carbon post, good or bad quality of the cartridge, but also the resolution the water purification and filtration products taste; Take-carbon filter, the cost of bad quality up to 2-5 times the distance,Poor quality of activated carbon, low-cost capital, but almost no adsorption, filtration; and good quality activated carbon, high cost, but the effect is very good filtration, adsorption area of 鈥嬧€媡he filter material can be relatively large, of course, the length of time that can be used also very Big difference.

   3, pressure tank and other accessories: pressure tank, also known as storage buckets, quality and defective products different from that of the materials, the use of new materials is still the old material; pressure tank there is also a question of relief, poor use of pressure drums period of time will show no water pressure tank and other after-sales issues. In addition to the pressure barrel, to a small joint, a pipe, a real emphasis on product quality and brand, will use the best materials, such as brand-name products in Guangdong Province pleasure at home, and its products are raw materials through strict brush elected to ensure that supply to consumers safe, reliable products.

   4, filter material bottles: Bottle filter cartridge in addition to the cost of the water purifier and a pressure tank, the water is in contact with most of the water purifier filter bottles, as long as the ordinary inexpensive materials about ten pieces. And high-quality water purifier uses FDA approved food grade materials manufactured by NSF certification.

   5, after-sales quality: a responsibility, attention to corporate reputation, quality after-sales than many unknown small brands do well, many defective water purifier brand, price Although cheap, but later sold the machine, the problem is nobody, and even play customer service phone manufacturers are also no response, treatment. The water purification products compared to other home appliances, the demand for more after-sale quality because the water purifier need regular replacement cartridges, often need to communicate with the sale, so the higher after-sales service and good business brand, operating costs, the price of natural products It will be relatively higher, but in the long, this is a responsible consumer.

   Of course, other factors also affect the price of water purifiers, such as brand advertising and other high-profile brand price is relatively high. After reading these are not the price of water purifiers positioning have a certain understanding of it, choose the right brand of water purifier suitable price based on their needs, when consumers buy water purifier water purifier should first think of what good brand?, we must consider induction, will give top priority to quality and after-salesSecondly look at the price. Add fresh water purifier known as 2019 different products in Guangdong Province, the price positioning of different products, we hope to buy products according to their needs, add fresh water purifiers customer service hotline 400-8610-612.

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